Green industrial furnace

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Green industrial furnace

Postby hhm1020 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:56 pm

It not only can effectively shorten heating time of heating workpiece, improve utilization rate of energy, reduce unnecessary loss of resources, but also has significant energy saving effect on improving the uniformity of furnace temperature and maintaining the stability of furnace temperature. We know from Professor Li Zhimin at the energy conservation center of Sichuan Industrial Institute of industrial furnace, the new industrial energy saving technology strong radiation heat transfer is used by the infrared physics theory made in blackbody furnace increases the area and improve the emission rate and the furnace cavity structure element increased irradiance three functions in one, to the original the furnace is diffuse like hotline for effective regulation. And the implementation is convenient, without any changes to the original furnace body, technical reform investment for half a year to ten months can be recovered. It can be widely used in various industrial furnaces, such as resistance furnaces, gas furnaces, coal fired furnaces and fuel furnaces.Good Saled powder spraying coating equipment for cosmetics bottle cap
When it comes to the technology of the social benefit and economic benefit, director Li told us: in the resistance furnace Chengdu engineering machinery factory, Sichuan petroleum drilling equipment manufacturing factory, Dalian Dashan group, Hebei Metallurgical Science and technology company, Dongfang turbine factory and other enterprises and production practice in the use of fuel furnace. The technology of the energy saving rate was above 20%, the vertical temperature difference is reduced about 50%, improve the productivity of the furnace is generally reached about 20%, prolonging lining life more than doubled, to reduce the emissions of more than 20% of the industrial furnace, in favor of environmental protection.aluminum smelting crucible melting furnace for sale
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