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Prevent the floor from curling

PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:47 am
by hhm1020
<p>After laying the floor just finished, to keep the indoor air circulation. Overweight items should be placed in a stable condition. Furniture and heavy objects can not be pushed and pulled by hard-line to avoid scratching the surface of the wear-resistant layer. Can not use shaving tools, draw the floor surface.</p>
<P>Do not soak the floor with water, if unexpected, should promptly dry the floor with a dry mop. Keep the floor dry and clean, if the floor surface dirt, generally do not drip tide mop to dry. Prevent the floor from being deformed by cooking utensils. A rubbing pad should be placed in front of the door to reduce the abrasion of the floor to the floor.</P>
<P>Use a floor cleaner to remove spots and stains. Do not clean objects with damaging properties such as metal tools, nylon friction pads, and bleach stains. Although the floor than other flooring to save worry, durable, but its maintenance measures can not be ignored, so that it can always be bright and beautiful.</P>
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