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Wood floor waxing process

PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:23 pm
by hhm1020
<P>First white wax and kerosene boiled according to the weight ratio of 1: 4, mixed with appropriate amount of pineapple water and fish oil, and then wrapped in cloth, repeatedly wipe the floor surface, and then rag dipped in wax wipe it again, a few hours before the package Fine canvas with wooden blocks will be followed by polished floor waxing light.</P>
<P>Wipe the ground until it is dry, dry it with a boiled wax solution and apply it to the ground, but not too thick. After each 3 square meters of coating, clean it with a clean cloth.Floor waxing can not only prevent the floor from being worn and prolong the service life of the floor, but also the waxed floor is easy to clean. If the floor is usually contaminated, the floor can be easily removed by frequent maintenance. If it is wood flooring, then it will be subject to changes in temperature and thermal expansion and contraction, playing a wax can play a restrained floor from the Alice, the role of deformation.</P>
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