Brown-colored cloud pattern hollow-out fuming furnace

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Brown-colored cloud pattern hollow-out fuming furnace

Postby zhangxiaosan » Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:11 am

Tang, 66 cm tall, 36.5 cm in diameter, 41 cm in base diameter, was excavated in 1980 in the year of the restoration of heaven in linan, zhejiang (901 AD).
This furnace tyres white make-up soil, painted brown color, black and ShiQing glaze, slightly greenish yellow, the furnace cover for the helmet, petal form button, there are eight ornamental engraving, button such as pallets, neck two convex string lines, cover the ruyi, gas, etc, and carve cross moire four groups. The furnace body is wide along the outer fold, straight abdomen, the tiger head below the animal foot five, the abdomen also painted cloud gas, such as intention. Ring girdle base, mouth slightly extravagant, outside the apostrophe, engrave eight pot doors. The whole delicate and solemn, dreariness appropriate, worthy of the kiln treasures.
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