It will take time

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It will take time

Postby rousutt » Sun May 31, 2015 11:43 pm

I will not say, and set a brush DNF brush map point career only a matter of time, easily. Then there is the king of debris, mechanical cow, and sadness, fake boar, ghost, wild boar really. The old life faulty, and make it difficult at all, even if you are really good technology, DNF occupation km purple weapons, or at least the consumption of large amounts of the trip, so this time you can choose to skip . 46 could not pass under the rubble 0.56 0.48 much easier could not pass up the cow, and a high level working normally. Of course, the task can awaken people to find someone with too. This time he was questioned of course, that spectrum, it really wild boar? I would say not to worry, read on. 65 is regarded as a cutoff point of the current version, although not the highest level, but all the equipment can be used, and this time you can start having a set of equipment. Start with jewelry began: necklaces, bracelets: Personal choice is the lament of the two. Fold the critical 7%: the hidden information is from 7% to 50% probability of collateral damage, I get it. Double damage beyond the 7%: Although the hardware team impact, but still very fast. Rings: personal choice, if the old two parts, can be pearl or black Irwin old legal systems considered, and now is not expensive. Shield: 1, mixed stranger it will take time, he gathered a group is, needless to say 2, making wild boar set this hypothesis, there is sadness and jewelry, then buy a set or false 65DNF purple occupation, or mixed with a number of different installed within the foundation community, at the end of charms on the line, then the team one day, the lazy people can find someone to take on this article. About Slots: Holy smoke and I must say that the right of antibodies stone Spirit strange grooves also choose to use weapons DNF: SS in taking the best, followed by former powder pink, PK, then added correct. Set lovely submission win over Tyra point jewelry 3, lament rings, a fact that weapons Tyra enough DNF. Is a fake shoulder pork, and after changing the Half-Blood necessary. In short: the individual does not have the money left in the game, and secondly, is not willing to spend money, even if it is something of money, instead of going to eat and drink late. To play the game for four years, I have not bought a medal, and is all the equipment as shown. The simple sentence: I was up to 70, every day to find someone with the boar's ghost, after 250 days, the refugees and the existence of God. Maybe you think 250 days is a long time, may be another angle to think, 3 times a day 3 times a phantom boar three times regret actually also more than just an hour, a total of 300 hours, even if you should not eat, sleep, more than 10 days is not much to say, no money, and use the time to make up for it, it seems years. Dungeons any difficulty, any strong monsters, warriors can not stop the pace to continue moving forward.
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