We've been best friends

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We've been best friends

Postby rousutt » Sun May 31, 2015 11:45 pm

We've been best friends ever since and we always talked about visiting Shadowgate again. We think the story really didn't get its due. We've always had more stuff that we wanted to share with people. Then along comes Kickstarter and the major success of the Double Fine Final Fantasy XIV game and Dave and I just said,"Well, why not? Why not us? Why not Shadowgate? It's a popular Final Fantasy XIV game. Fans throughout the years have told us how much they really love the Final Fantasy XIV game, how much it scared them on the NES when they were playing it there." PCG: The original Final Fantasy XIV game used an interface that replicated another desktop on your screen, which is something that modern Final Fantasy XIV ffxivmall game design wouldn't really do. Can you talk a little bit about some of the steps that you guys took to modernize the Shadowgate experience? Roelofs: Well, we decided early on to embrace the command system of the original Shadowgate Final Fantasy XIV game, meaning you have button commands that you can click so you can interact with objects on the screen. We went around and around trying to figure out a different way to really make that work within the Final Fantasy XIV game, and at the end of the day, we just felt that it works with buttons. Yes, it's kind of retro, but it works and the play speaks for itself because you get interaction, you get a notebook thing of all the objects. We left that command system on its own with a few updates and modern Final Fantasy XIV game tab, like key binds and shortcuts and lots of things to make it easier for people who are more experienced with button pushing and things of that nature. The Final Fantasy XIV game is full screen, it's not in a window [like the original Final Fantasy XIV game]. We got to do cool, big graphics. We added a bunch of ambient animation. We also decided that we wanted to add a map to the Final Fantasy XIV game, because the original Final Fantasy XIV game had various mechanisms to move from room to room, so we felt why not do a map? People play these adventure Final Fantasy XIV games and they map it out themselves, so let's make our own map. There's a couple other cool things that we've embraced as well, which I'll keep a little bit of a secret. One cool think we got to do is add achievements. That's just loads of fun, throwing a bunch of achievements in there, getting all the torches and lighting all the torches, just stuff like that. That's just a cool thing to add. PCG: Do you look at the achievements as you're designing the Final Fantasy XIV game and think,"Well, here's an interesting thing that we can throw in?" Or is it all done after the fact where you have to retrofit the way those achievements are going to work with a Final Fantasy XIV game you've already designed? Roelofs: A little bit of both, to be totally honest. Early on, we knew we wanted achievements.
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