Overclocking AMD fx 6300

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Overclocking AMD fx 6300

Postby JensenBreck » Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:15 am

Hello fellow nerds! I decided not to bother getting a 8350 or 8370. I'm trying to get the most years out of my computer (gaming) before getting a new one by getting more performance out of my 6300. I bought 8GB of hyper fury x Kingston RAM which helped and also improved overclocking too. After I installed it my computer automatically oc'd to 4.44 Ghz which was amazing but also wasn't too stable. I tried increasing the multiplier to 18 and it crashed right away and reset to 3.8ghz. So following an overclocking guide I just increased the multiplier to 19.5 one step at a time and got it to 4.22ghz after disabling all automatic overclocking. It worked well and I tried to get it higher by putting the bus speed to 220 which made it 4.33ghz but after an hour of gaming it crashed and automatically reset the bus speed to 216 which is what I was going to do anyways. I tried in BIOS increasing the voltage by typing in "0.137" but it put it to 1.45v from the default 1.35 and it was stable but ran it to 65 degrees C (stock cooler) so I stopped the CPU-Z stress test and shut it off. Then on manual voltage I set everything to auto and it crashed before windows 10 loaded. Then I put the voltage to "offset" and left it on auto and it is stable now. I have the Asus motherboard software and I can increase the voltage using that too. Not sure how to properly increase the voltage as there are many voltage settings so I need to know more before touching the voltage again. Also the software (Asus motherboard) that overclocked to 4.4 also overclocked the memory. So maybe if I overclock the memory more I can overclock the CPU more too? The RAM is running at around 2110 mhz right now and is stock 1866mhz. I've read that the 6300 can overclock to 5ghz, maybe not on my motherboard, but I know I can get it higher than 4.22ghz even if I have to buy an aftermarket cooler. So what should I do here to get more speed? For now 4.22ghz is almost maxing every game except forza motorsport 6 apex which I can get to high settings 1080p which I'm happy with... on my gtx 770 which I plan to upgrade to a used 970 for $250 maybe. However 6-8 months down the road 4.22ghz might not cut it as many new games are already requiring a 8320 and recommending a 8350. So any help here? Thanks.

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