green paint made of environmentally

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green paint made of environmentally

Postby zhangxiaosan » Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:30 pm

<p>glue paste. 3, different bonding agent in the construction requirements will be different, please refer to the corresponding product specifications for construction. 3, the floor surface of the excess glue should be wiped in time. 8, floor cleaning, maintenance 1, stone floor for the development of indoor design, should not be used in outdoor venues. 2, according to the factory recommended method, use the appropriate cleaning agent for regular cleaning and </p>
<p>maintenance. 3, should avoid toluene, banana water and the like of high concentrations of solvents and strong acid, alkali solution dumped on the floor surface, should avoid the use of inappropriate tools and sharp scraper or damage the floor surface. 9, the relevant tools 1, floor treatment: surface humidity tester, surface hardness tester, floor grinding machine, high-power industrial vacuum cleaner, wool drum, self-leveling mixer, 30 liters of self-leveling mixing </p>
<p>bucket, , Spikes, self-leveling flush cylinder. 2, floor laying: floor trimming device, cutting knife, two meters steel ruler, glue scraper, steel roller, slotting machine, welding torch, moon cutter, electrode leveling device, combination scribing device. Stone floor to install the construction process, home Xiaobian introduced here, hope to help your home decoration, for more knowledge of stone flooring, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration </p>
<p>benches made from recycled materials<br />
ceiling tiles manufacturers in johannesburg south africa<br />
25mm pvc foam board Australia</p>
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