layer of wood veneer

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layer of wood veneer

Postby zhangxiaosan » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:07 am

<p>lower glued with medium density fiberboard and combined into the center of the substrate, the center The substrate is glued with a layer of wood veneer, in the outermost wood veneer and then were glued with a layer of decorative surface layer, and the bottom layer adjacent to the fiber layer between the length of the fiber at right angles, </p>
<p>thereby reducing production costs , To enhance product performance. On January 18, Guo Hui, vice president of the elephant group, insisted on denying the 'infringement' allegations in an interview with the Commercial Daily: 'We are taking the normal legal way to safeguard the rights and interests of the elephant. Good mix of solid wood </p>
<p>composite floor is completely different things, the elephant has its own patented technology, certainly not infringing. 'But he said that the lawsuit has not yet trial, the elephant do not want to be lobbied by other companies, but also Do not want to self-speculation through this way, 'the report is best less to mention the elephant.' Earlier, the </p>
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