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FOREX PARTICIPANTS - Much more important than knowing who works in the market
Forex is to know who in the Forex market is successful and how do you get it. THE
Forex market participants operate with very different perspectives. When these
participants enter the market, a force is created that is proportional to theirs
perspectives. This force can play a role in the short-term, creating a radical
price change, or can play a role in the long-term, defining a trend.
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Each of these actors has different attitudes and perspectives, different objectives, horizons
investment and impact on the market.

Governments - Plan the long-term goals of national, regional and

Investment funds - Long-term trends follow with a high degree of skill,
resources, knowledge and capital. Avoid risks

Banks - Provide credit to corporations, governments, banks, funds and to participants in the
Forex. Market Makers

Corporations - Long-term operators looking to protect profit.
Active hedgers

Professional Traders - Short-term systems follow, they have a wide degree of
skills, knowledge, resources and capital. They are used to risk.

The key difference between these market participants is their level of sophistication.
This level of sophistication includes:

o Money Management techniques
o The profit targets
o The level of technology available
o Quantitative capacities
o Research capacity
o Discipline level.

ADVANTAGES OF FOREX - Forex trading has increased significantly in the last few years
years for the fact that more individuals have started to live trading, and, for the growth of
popularity of riskier investment vehicles like the Hedge Found.

The key element for these investors are returns. There are four main factors that
make Forex a unique investment environment:

Liquid assets
توصيات فوركس
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