Leadership MBA theme from a woman’s perspective

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Leadership MBA theme from a woman’s perspective

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Admission essay excerpt

My mother has always told me that I have a way with people, that I can get out of battle unscathed because of my calm demeanor. She said that this is my best trait and I took that to heart until I graduated in college and became a full-blown career woman. I took interest in working with people at
www writemyessay services and eyed a position as part of human resource management. It also works to my advantage that I’m a great interpreter as a bilingual secretary. I know, however, that I can take it a step further and enhance my managerial skills with the help of an MBA degree. I want to update my skills, be able to think out of the box, and learn new strategies to become a more competent leader and an accomplished woman at that.

Sample outline:

I. Introduction

A. My best trait

i. being calm
ii. being a people person

B. My career

i. holding a position in Human Resource Management
ii. advantage as a bilingual secretary

C. Earning an MBA degree

i. taking it one step further with my career
ii. enhancing my managerial skills
iii. being able to think out of the box
iv. learning new strategies
v. becoming a better leader and more accomplished woman

II. Work experience

A. senior admin officer at B. admin officer at C. admin executive at D. bilingual secretary at E. key responsibilities

i. coordinating with project leaders and members of the team
ii. handling financial reports and other related tasks
iii. performing admin tasks and support
iv. preparing reports for monthly budgets and other accounts
v. organizing meetings
vi. translation and general correspondence

III. My credentials

A. graduating with B Sc. In Business Administration Human Resource Management Option

B. getting a Diploma in Bilingual Secretaryship at C. Membership to Administrative Professional Association of

IV. About myself

A. Personal attributes
i. love for reading and traveling
ii. self-motivated
iii. people person
iv. calm
v. an effective liaison
vi. have the potential to be a leader
vii. team player
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