Trolley furnace maintenance plans

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Trolley furnace maintenance plans

Postby zhangxiaosan » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:02 am

{A. The structure and performance of the electric furnace and its auxiliary equipment.
B, distribution system, control system layout and location of safety device.
C, operating process and safety operation regulations.Professional manufacturer perfume bottle painting machine
Pre operation preparation check
A, the power supply equipment is normal, whether there is a phase interruption, short circuit or bare wire etc..
B, check whether the contact of grounding device is in good contact.
C, check whether the heating element is damaged, the contact of each connection is good, there is no contact with the furnace and the housing.
D, check whether the temperature control system is abnormal.Plastic Bottle Cap Vacuum Metalize Caoting Machine
E, check the rise and fall of the door, the running of the trolley is normal.
3, the workpiece with corrosive, volatile and explosive gas is strictly prohibited from entering the furnace body processing, so as not to affect the heating element and refractory life and cause explosion accidents.
4, the electric furnace must not run over temperature, otherwise the service life of the equipment will be shortened.
The 5, the oxidation Pitaiduo into the furnace before removal, available wire brush down.
6, the workpiece is stacked evenly, the heating element should be around 100-150mm.
7. The barbaric operation is strictly prohibited, and the work pieces should be placed lightly to avoid the impact.
8. When the electric furnace is used, the operator shall not leave the post without authorization. It is necessary to pay attention to the normal working condition of the electric furnace.
9. When the electric furnace is handling the workpiece, it is necessary to cut off the power of the heating element first in order to ensure the safety of the operator.
10, the oxide of the hearth (including the wire of the electric furnace) should be regularly cleaned up, at least once a week or five times. The bottom floor of the furnace can be blown with compressed air.
11, if the wire is used, it is not allowed to crash and break, so as not to break.Large loading capacity hardening and quench furnace
12. The electric motor of the electric furnace must be checked regularly, add lubricating oil and so on, and pay attention to the use of safety.
13. The lubricating oil must be checked regularly at the gear sleeve to prevent the shaft from being damaged by the lack of oil.
14, check the use of heating elements regularly. After the heating element is used for a short time, it can not bend and collide. If you do not have serious corrosion and broken, and can use the same electric wire material (or electric wire itself) as electrode, heating welding using acetylene gas, using 50% electrode powder Baiyun mixture, if the heating element of serious corrosion can not be used, should be replaced.
15. Check the use of the instrument and thermocouple regularly to prevent the error caused by the error of the instrument and thermocouple and to affect the quality of the product.
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