finally draw a curve

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finally draw a curve

Postby jlsalh21 » Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:50 am

the Jia fort is to guard gum state the gulf go into seaport most key natural cover, the fort is built to 1902, the reinforced concrete that all uses German import sprinkles to build but become, the wall Corey Perry Women's Jersey outside the fortress is as thick as one meter, is starting construction of three all the Ao fort imitate to build here.
Fort upper part office 2240 millimeters of grams Lu cannon and 3s of Bo Jia Nong Be virtuous to build 150 millimeters of shore cannon, making people regret what to sigh BE, these two 240 millimeters of heavy artilleries are incredibly G son year Germany strike against big Gu fort in Tienjin to pay to get of pure soldier material, in fact the whole Qingdao fortress of total 6210 all come from a pure soldier with 240 heavy artilleries.
Stand on the top to downwards see the whole gum state gulf to to the utmost accept eye bottom, distance's most important central fortress is also clear it is thus clear that, the whole fortresseses deployed about 50 big guns and up 100 stand the mark Qin machine gun, for the sake of the defense simulated enemy, fortress front side of all of big tree in the hillside be also chopped down light, Ryan Getzlaf Women's Jersey intentionally dug a piece of piece of obstacle dike that is similar to terraced fields, pull three wire entanglementses after formed together close strict solid defense battlefield.
Cai E is meaningful to clap cement of wall, don't know as well to is to say to listen to still keep soliloquizing to Yang Qiu, exclamation way:"Germany not the Kui is the best works expert, if I come to beat have no 5,000 above dead and injured to take not to come down."
Yang Qiu wanted to take down this fortress as well before, but in person come to once see completely of the fortress just discovers to defendoofed here behind have much tight, the inside English Ryan Kesler Women's Jersey in parallel world day was again a fleet and was several army's troopses, finally also just forced German because played to the utmost a food to extremely surrender, lack sea the heavy artillery led long to make, the army hasn't equiped the circumstance of excess type big gun again under, only depend 150 millimeters of howitzers and infantry, lose will very huge.
Death and harm not just most serious of, severity of is once appearing graveness harm, this hungry wolf in Japan will don't hestitate of fierce rush toward to come over.Come to see want before fighting and peaceably recover Qingdao also impossibly now, battle in Qingdao in the parallel world explosion front William's two a life times Be forced to a realistic hair call and report and allow tile Er virtuous gram of give up Qingdao, but this obstinate German old headman's feeling not to beat a gun and surrender is humiliation and at last and simply issued order resist to die and Patrick Kane Women's Jersey die and drag along for three months.
German guy of these dead brainses makes fortress in Qingdao selling to oneselfs together with Pacific Ocean all of the group of islandses how good?
Yang Qiu lays aside entertain foolish ideas, after finishing seeing a fixed machine gun bunker the mouth of Za Za:"Very perfect defense, regrettable."His Chou eye German soldier carry last hair Se on German soldier's back 98, shake:"The list soldier's thermodynamic power is too weak."
Especially Lao boon these several days in addition to having a meal a sleeping and then having never managed to once open Yang Qiu ban to tread, listen to he say list soldier's thermodynamic power is weak.
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