The man space Er declines

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The man space Er declines

Postby jlsalh21 » Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:58 am

So the English method etc. country to woulds be thus nervous, even the United States all starts worrying, there was strong German industry to support, Yang Qiu can completely get away from the dependence to the United States Deryk Engelland Authentic Jersey, the United States previous of in R.O.C invest a safety also meeting in hour of danger and nearly, so Dou wheat joy you would promise English method to contact and find out the real meaning behind this time drill.
Yang Qiu ha ha a smile:"In fact form alliance to return is really a quite good choice, constuct inside the English day allies day after tomorrow our country drive fly soon development, the industrial ability more and continuously leaps, since they can seek England to form alliance, why I not ability alliance Germany?After the Pu method war the rising road of second empire Be well worth our country's drawing lessons from."
The this time words let man the space Er Be wrinkly to knit the brows,does he really want to form alliance with Germany?In fact this is to say, at present the each real strenght in Germany outside the Marc-Andre Fleury Authentic Jersey navy has already exceeded England, besides which, the bitterness is 1 to suffer to colonize, the national near half tariff returns up to now drive England control of nation, cooperate an undoubtedly is very nice to choose than stronger nation in England.But the problem is, European war once breaking out, Germany can not give attention to both under the circumstance of Asia this kind of form alliance and then became formality of, on the contrary will push China into the revenge whirlpool in English day.
Doesn't he know?
The man space Er doesn't believe, James Neal Authentic Jersey Chou eye Yang Qiu say:"Deputy president you, as a friend, I think that I have a necessity to remind you, European situation is all nerve now, any this time play with fire may cause very serious result!"
"Thank your to remind, you are a real our country friend."Yang Qiu's point nods and continues to say:"I know today's you is be subjected to the other people entrust just, now that come might as well let's go to Peking together."
"Do you want to go to Peking?"Man the space Er is a bit surprised, unexpectedly know perfectly well the voice of blame in Peking to pile up one after another, he incredibly still meets head on but up.
Yang Qiu didn't explain, Alex Ovechkin Authentic Jersey visited eye gradually far Qingdao outside the window after getting on the car and burst out a words:"Man space Er you, you say if one day our country can take back here, constuct it for Central America international trade special area, should have much good?" The Yang Qiu step firmness faces toward the north difficult and up, while preparing to keep noodles great powers for the dream in the heart but don't know that the accident has already quietly condescended to come as well.
The east hands over a not far outside beard of people's lane together inside have an unattractive 2 F small European ocean building, its ex- the host are a Belgian railroad to provide the goods the company, built a city in those early years man line after getting a returned to country to live a good life, will sell to Japanese businessman here.
In addition to in addition to door plate the Japanese wood quality of the doorway, the inner part didn't change, Ban of door plate west four words in the private home.
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