Bamboo flooring maintenance

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Bamboo flooring maintenance

Postby qizhen0809 » Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:41 pm

Bamboo flooring is different from the traditional rattan and bamboo supplies, the traditional craft refers to the use of the original appearance of bamboo, heated by bending,Outdoor Fence For Sale
or cutting and other methods of processing bamboo products, although after some bleaching, sterilization and other folk processes, However, it is difficult to judge from the appearance, so in the dry climate of the north, bamboo products often crack and deform.
Bamboo flooring and their processing technology are different, it is the original bamboo through the modern mechanized steaming,cheap railing ideas where buy

cooking, bleaching and other high-temperature sterilization, processed into integrated plate. Like bamboo flooring and the bottom of the bamboo flooring are the middle of the fir, poplar and other soft glued together, its flexural strength and surface hardness, wear resistance than the wood floor twice as much, more flexible it is good.
Floors in the use of the process should pay attention to maintain the indoor humidity. Although bamboo flooring has been dried to reduce the size of the change, but because bamboo is a natural material,decorative wood plastic wall panelling

so it will change as the environment changes wet and dry.
In northern cities, especially in the current heating season, the interior is usually drier and the interior can be kept from being too dry by using a humidifier or putting in warm water. In the process of using bamboo flooring,plastic hollow core exterior decking

care should be taken to protect the floor finish so that it will not be subjected to hard impact, sharp scratches, or metal friction. In addition, bamboo flooring should be properly cleaned during routine use.
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