Since I was a child

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Since I was a child

Postby ylq123 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:36 pm

Since I was a child, I belonged to a class of girls who are "sturdy". I often complain in the mirror that I am not beautiful enough, often looking at beautiful clothes complaining that I am not thin enough. And my skin is black, like a "small black pig." It was a sunny afternoon. The teacher told me that the second primary school English oral English imitation show was about to start. The class selected three of us to participate in the selection. We all hope to get good results in the trials, so we go home at night, practice at school at noon, and spend all the time we can play on practicing English Newport Gold Cigarettes. I can't read the story, I will follow the recording again and again, and I will listen to it for more than twenty times. The game is finally here. After more than ten days of hard work, the manuscript has been practiced by me. At the moment I stood on the stage, I was not nervous at all, and I told the story in English. Hard work pays off, due to outstanding performance, I won the first prize of the trial, and immediately advanced to the final. In the final, I still talked smoothly and easily. The excellent performance of nature and generosity left a deep impression on the judges, and I finally won the second prize. The moment I walked on the podium, I smiled very brightly and calmly. Because in the moment I won the game, I saw a beauty that I had. It made me realize myself again and let me know that I was beautiful too. Some people were touched by the greatness of maternal love, some were touched by selfless dedication, and I was touched by a story. baby girl was diagnosed with congenital heart disease at two months of age. A doctor once predicted that she could not live 18 years old! Her parents exhausted her heart. The mother, who was finally sick and sick, walked in front of her. Two years later, her stepmother gave birth to a girl Cheap Smokes Free Shipping, and the adults said that her sister was an angel given to his father. And she saw her sister's healthy life as a flower Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons. She hates her little sister more and more Cheap Marlboro Free Shipping, hates herself, hates the world... In this way, the girl has come to the end of her life. Because her heart should be weakened to the extreme. Finally, she was hospitalized again. One day, her sister came to the hospital to visit her, and was unfortunately hit by a truck 10 meters away... In the operation, her sister said she was willing to give her heart to her sister. Then I was in a coma Order Newports Online. This unfortunate girl was shocked. She felt that she was guilty of sin: she made her mother die for her, and now she has let a good life dying, and making a newly-gathered home overcast... He pleaded with the doctor: "Just let me The sister survived, she is willing to donate all her organs to her sister..." She passed out. She woke up after 3 days, but her sister was gone. The girl is crying. Her stepmother comforted her and said, "Your little girl has not gone, I saw her in your eyes." Although she did not have a naive childhood, she got the love of the can turn sputum into gratitude, and love can make people pay for others. I think: the greatest love and love in the world is no more than this!
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