Maternal love is an umbrella

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Maternal love is an umbrella

Postby ylq123 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:33 pm

Maternal love is an umbrella, sheltering you from the wind and rain, maternal love is clothing, for you to avoid the cold to warm, maternal love is a good medicine, for you to flatten the pain, maternal love is the sea, sweet and bitter to let you talk...ternal love is accompanied by my growth, and maternal love runs through my life.mber when I was a child, I always liked to ask why, my mother always explained to me patiently until I thought I would understand my nod. When I was a child, I was naughty and I didn��t sleep when I went to sleep at night. My mother told me stories every day until I fell asleep. There are always a few story books on my impressed me the most was that when I was sick, when I was a child, my resistance was poor, I always fell ill, and every time my mother could work hard. I remember once, I have a fever, but it is not serious. My mother gave me an oral medication. I took my sleep. Every time I had a fever, my mother didn��t dare to sleep all night, and I touched my forehead for a while. I am serious. If the temperature is a little above her standard, she will cool me down with warm water. This time is no exception, my father and I both fell asleep, my mother was sitting next to me, and I fell asleep in my mother's caress. I don't know when, just listen to my mother shouting: "Old Liu, get up, hold the child to the hospital!" At that time Cheap Newport 100, I only felt mixed and boring. My mother gave me a temperature. After looking at the degree, the anxious look still remembers. new. They rushed to clean up, wrapped me tightly, and flew to the hospital. I was sent to the emergency department, and soon the nurse applied me an ice band and made a little bit of it. When the temperature dropped, the sky was already bright, my mother saw that I was much better, and the tired face showed a happy smile. When I got home, my father fell to sleep, but my mother settled in and went into the kitchen again. She was going to give me food. Looking at my mother's back, it was still small, but I understand that this is maternal love Cheapest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes.ternal love makes me grow up healthy and happy. Maternal love makes me know gratitude. Maternal love makes my love full. Mother love makes me learn to care for others Cigarette Wholesale Prices. Maternal love is my eternal sun.To talk about the "big detective" of my family, then it is none other than my father. His "eyes of the fire" can see through everything, and the "scannings" I have done can't help at noon, Mom and Dad said that they would not go home. This time, they provided me with the opportunity to ��make a crime��. I calmly turned on the computer and watched it while eating. The computer and the gray wolf were fighting and fighting. It was really interesting. I saw it with gusto. Suddenly, a footstep came, and the big things were not good, there were circumstances Newport Box 100'S. I jumped up at once, quickly turned off the TV, and returned to the dinner table to pretend to concentrate on eating. Dad walked up and looked at my expression and asked, "Are you playing computer again?" "No, no evidence, don't mess with good people." I said nervously. Dad looked at the computer and touched it with his hand. "Found the evidence." Dad said, "Whenever an appliance is used, it generates heat. The computer is no exception. If you don't play the computer Cigarettes Wholesale Price, how can it be so hot?" The evidence is conclusive, I have lowered my head and have nothing to say.
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