Today is the Mid-Autumn

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Today is the Mid-Autumn

Postby ylq123 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:36 pm

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15th. A day when everyone is filled with joy but makes me in the morning, the sound of firecrackers bursting into the sky and burst into the sky. Everyone squinted at the morning market in the crowded people, eager to reunite with their families, each with a big smile on their faces. Cars that have been flowing in the past are gradually becoming scarce.und 8 o'clock in the morning, my mom and dad drove in the car to the grandmother's house. I looked at the scenery outside the car window and suddenly I was shocked. A burst of autumn wind blew, in front of my eyes, a tree is not as powerful as usual, but surrounded by groups of three, as if in the Mid-Autumn Festival. A group of flying geese on Yunling also gathered together, screaming, as if to say: "The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming! Mid-Autumn Festival is coming!"e passed quickly Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa, and it was noon. I opened the meal and opened the meal. Grandma and Dad kept sipping. Everyone started to eat at a round table, and a plate of moon cakes was placed in front of me. This moon cake is really varied. Fruity, Wurenwei, bean paste, sesame flavor����Saliva. I picked up a moon cake and ate it up, but my grandmother told us the source of the moon cake. We listened carefully and burst into laughter from time to time. The laughter and laughter lingered in the farmhouse.ight, a gentle moonlight sprinkled through the window on the window sill, and I remembered that I would like to enjoy the moon. So I climbed up from the donkey and ran out to start the moon. Dad put the fruit on the table in the yard. The moon of the fifteenth is really round. A beautiful moon, I was amazed by the sitting on the chair. The moonlight is getting thicker, the moonlight is still sprinkling, she is so bright and beautiful. I am not attracted by her attraction. Looking up through the moonlight, I seem to see the scenery in the middle of the month. A delicate jade rabbit next to the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in the bleak Guanghan Palace is eight o'clock fireworks began, and one fireworks burst open in the sky Carton Of Newport Shorts Price, breaking this quiet night. Adding a bit of color to the moon, the Mid-Autumn Festival on TV began. I reluctantly bid farewell to Mingyue and went back to the house to see the Mid-Autumn Festival. Whenever the first rays of the dawn scatter the darkness and light up the earth, whenever we go to the flagstand to see the five-star red flag rising, there is only one thing in our mind at the moment - that is the the history of Feng Dian and seeing the past of the suffering of the motherland, I was deeply touched by her humiliation and pain. In August 1842, the Qing government was forced to sign a shameful alliance under the city with the United Kingdom - "Nanjing Treaty", which was the first unequal treaty in China's modern history to humiliate and humiliate the country; in 1843, the United Kingdom signed the "Humen Treaty" with the Qing government. Since then, China has become a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society. In 1856, the Qing government signed the "Tianjin Treaty" with Britain, France and Russia. The most atmospheric atmosphere was the invasion of the Yuanmingyuan by the Eight-Power Allied Forces in 1860. The Yuanmingyuan, known as the "Garden of Wanyuan", was burned by the imperialists from the fire. The gardens that the Chinese people built with more than 100 years of hard work have turned into ruins. Everyone can't forget. On December 13, 1937, after the Japanese army captured Nanjing, China, they carried out a six-week slaughter... They even reached the age of sixty or seventy years old and the age of six or seven. The child did not let go Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale, killing a Chinese person in an average of 13 seconds. In a short while, the entire city of Nanjing has become a river. All this kind of thing has left a deep brand in the hearts of the Chinese Newport Box 100S Carton. Since then, China's Jinxiu River has been divided and fragmented Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping. There is no port on its long coastline. The imperialisthistory tells us that we will be beaten when we are behind. However, now our country is a country that is so prosperous and the spark of July, the boat of the South Lake, let the Eastern lion rise from the nightmare. China is the third country in the world with manned technology and one of the five countries in the world with nuclear submarines; China Mobile is the world's largest telecommunications operator; China's nanotechnology ranks among the best in the world... The successful flying of Shenzhou from the 1st to the 8th, this year, China successfully launched the Shenzhou 9 manned spaceship, among which there are female astronauts. "Shenzhou goes to heaven, and dragons go to the sea." On the same day, China��s ��Zhenlong�� once again refreshed ��China��s depth�� �C dive 7020 meters. At this moment, we must not forget that, more than a decade ago, our Chinese children used their own hands and blood to build our new China! China, launched a new picture!lk swallows in the sea breeze teach us brave and optimistic; the eagle under the blue sky teaches us to be ambitious; the Shandandan on the Yellow River teaches us to be strong and tenacious. I am proud, I am Chinese! I am proud, I am Chinese! Juvenile wisdom, national wisdom; young strong, then strong. I believe that our Chinese teenagers will definitely write more poems!
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