Player's main job in Toram Online is to complete the task

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Player's main job in Toram Online is to complete the task

Postby mmocs » Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:26 pm

Toram Online is the product of the Japanese game company Asobimo - and the "father" of two popular online role-playing games Avabel Online and IRUNA . Toram Online brings the player back to the ancient times when a sudden cataclysm hit the Earth, causing humankind to fall into chaos. The whole world is divided into four groups and more than two of them are devil's minions. As a young man, gamers will take on the task of finding the lair of these evil forces and recruiting heroic devils from all over to unite them. Because it's built in an open world, the context in the game is extremely diverse, with a challenging system that is not short of surprises, which will surely take the gamer from surprise to surprise.

The combat of Toram Online is point-and-click, which is quite traditional. Although it's not action-oriented, the combat works quite polished and the effects are flashy and smooth. There is only PvE in Toram Online currently, and as I said above, there are lots of gamers petitioning for the PvP feature in this game now. Hope the developer can hear the voice and make some improvement to this game.

Along with your character, the main job of the player in Toram Online is to complete the task. The system of the game is quite diverse when bringing in different forms, from meeting, dialogue to finding objects, places, fighting monsters, ... The entire content of Toram Online is possible Show through this massive mission system. Players will be set to many different lands, overcome a series of monsters and bosses difficult to find the purpose to discover the world Toram Online full of mysteries. Buy Toram Online Gold from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

Unlike most mobile RPG games today that mostly use collectible hero features or collect heroes up to hundreds of them which are currently becoming trending, RPG Toram Online is a classic MMORPG game with gameplay like MMORPG games on PCs, such as Ragnarok, Echo of Soul etc.

There are actually no job classes in Toram Online. Your “class” is dependent on the weapons you wield and the skills you’ve chosen to upgrade. You can choose to become a hybrid sword and bow user, but it’s quite tricky and your character may not end up reaching its full potential. In addition, you need to raise your attributes and skill levels with your chosen weapon type in mind. Although there are no defined classes, the game’s community took initiative and decided on four types: Warrior, Fighter (fist-user), Mage, and Archer.

Like almost every freemium game, Toram Online also has a cash shop, with various bonuses and boosts in it. This game is not pay-to-win, only minor convenience items are included, such as Revive, Health and Mana potions, which can also be earned in-game for daily login rewards, too. Toram Online can be freely downloaded for Android, iOS and now for PCs running Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or MacOS. Just put the apk into your favorite Android emulator and play, or if the emu supports Google Play, you can download it from there, too.
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