Faults in gravure printing

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Faults in gravure printing

Postby zhangxiaosan » Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:34 am

{The faults in gravure printing are mainly caused by plate, ink, substrate, scraper, etc.
(I) uneven ink color
There are periodic ink color changes in printed matter. The elimination methods are: correct the roundness of the plate cylinder, adjust the angle and pressure of the doctor blade, or replace the doctor blade with a new one.
(II) blotting and fuzzing
The phenomenon that the image level of printed matter is parallel and paste, and there is burr on the edge of image and text. The elimination methods are: removing the static electricity on the substrate surface, adding polar solvent into the ink, increasing the printing pressure properly, adjusting the position of the doctor blade, etc.Rigid Box With Pvc Box Custom Clear Window Paper Box With Window
(III) blocking
The phenomenon that ink dries up in the screen hole of the printing plate, or the screen hole of the printing plate is filled with paper wool and paper powder is called blocking. The elimination methods are: increase the solvent content in the ink, reduce the drying speed of the ink, and use the paper with high surface strength for printing.
(IV) ink overflow
The appearance of spots in the field of printed matter. The elimination methods are: add hard inking oil, improve the viscosity of the ink. Adjust the angle of the doctor blade, improve the printing speed, and change the deep screen printing plate into the shallow screen printing plate.Heart Shaped Tin Wedding Candy Box Packaging For Ferrero
(V) scratches
There are traces of a doctor blade on the print. The methods of elimination are: printing with clean ink without foreign matters. Adjust the viscosity, dryness and adhesion of ink. Use high quality scraper to adjust the angle between scraper and printing plate.
(VI) pigment precipitation
The lightening of color on a print. The methods of elimination are: printing with ink with good dispersion and stable performance. Add anti coagulation and anti precipitation additives to the ink. Fully roll and stir the ink in the ink tank frequently.
(VII) dirty
There is ink stain on the printed matter. The elimination methods are: select the ink with fast volatilization speed for printing, increase the drying temperature or appropriately reduce the printing speed.
(VIII) ink falling off
The phenomenon that the ink on the plastic film has poor adhesion and falls off by hand or mechanical force. The elimination methods are: prevent the plastic film from getting damp, select the ink with good affinity with the plastic film for printing, re surface treatment of the plastic film, and improve the surface tension.Factory Direct Sell Custom Design 2019 Casual Moccasin Shoes Women Casual Shoes Lightweight Cheap Women Zapatillas
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