Application scope of intaglio printing

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Application scope of intaglio printing

Postby hhm1020 » Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:41 am

1. The anti-counterfeiting effect of manual engraving and intaglio printing is better
Secret anti-counterfeiting is one of the main aspects of commodity anti-counterfeiting, which is implemented by trademark. Manual engraving and intaglio printing provide necessary means for it. Manual engraving gravure printing is easy to implement secret anti-counterfeiting in plate making. The depth of the pit determines the thickness level of the printed image and text. The imitator can easily copy the size of the image and the thickness of the lines, but it is difficult to copy the same thickness level (i.e. the same deep ink pit). This is the main reason why intaglio printing has been used for a long time.
The less printing, the better anti-counterfeiting effect. Due to the long cycle and high cost of manual engraving intaglio, when the printing volume is small, the price of printing products is higher. The purpose of counterfeiters is mainly to pursue economic interests. When they are unprofitable or have little interests, they are not willing to take any risks. Therefore, it can be said that the anti-counterfeiting effect of intaglio printing for small batch of trademarks may be better than that of large batch of intaglio printing.Custom Printed White Brown Colorful Kraft Paper Bag With Handle
2. Plate making and printing are carried out in two places
The off-site plate making and printing have better anti-counterfeiting effect. In general, a printing factory has the ability of plate making, but the plate making work of a trademark using enterprise should choose another unit, because the key of secret anti-counterfeiting is to know as few people as possible, even if you know it, you should know only a part, but not the whole process of trademark design and printing, so that even if there is a loophole in one link, other links can meet the need of anti-counterfeiting. Yes. When the trademark is printed in the printing factory, the enterprise shall send personnel with strong sense of responsibility to supervise the printing on the spot, so as to prevent the plate from being stolen and the trademark from being stolen. After printing, the plates shall be recovered and preserved.White Spot Uv E Commerce Airplane Custom Made Watch Custom Printed Wine Glass Gift Kraft Paper Cake Box Packaging
3. Combination with anti-counterfeiting ink technology
Ink anti-counterfeiting technology is also one aspect of secret anti-counterfeiting. The combination of gravure printing technology and ink anti-counterfeiting technology can achieve double secret anti-counterfeiting, and the anti-counterfeiting effect will be better. Some printing anti-counterfeiting inks have larger pigment particles and need a thicker ink layer, while the gravure printing inks have a thicker ink layer, and the texture of the printed products is strong. The combination of the two will get double anti-counterfeiting and decoration effects. If fluorescent ink is used in gravure printing, it can not only ensure the micro convex feeling of gravure printing, but also ensure the use requirements of fluorescent ink. The secret anti-counterfeiting function of both is also guaranteed. The ink should be allocated by itself and then handed over to the printing enterprise for use. After printing, the ink should be recovered and preserved, so as to obtain better anti-counterfeiting effect.New High Quality Paper Gift Bag White Black Brown Kraft Paper Bags With Handle Wedding Party Gift Package Box Portable
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