Development trend of gravure printing

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Development trend of gravure printing

Postby zhangxiaosan » Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:17 am

{1. The large and medium-sized packaging gravure printing enterprises will occupy the mainstream, especially the cigarette package gravure printing enterprises more pursue scale efficiency, high quality and high technology content.
2. Due to the reasons of environmental protection and hygiene, food, medicine, tobacco, wine and other industries pay more and more attention to the environmental protection of packaging materials and printing process, and gravure printing enterprises pay more attention to the environment of printing workshop. Environmental friendly inks and varnish will be more and more popular. Closed scraper system and quick change device will be widely used, and gravure printing machine suitable for water-based inks will be widely used.Wholesale Square Watch Tin Box Custom Cartoon Printed Tin Can Packaging Gift Tin Box
3. Independent drive technology and electronic shaft drive technology platform of gravure press will realize the comprehensive upgrading of gravure press, and electronic shaft drive will be used for all purposes of gravure press. Electronic shaft drive and registration system are mainly from Japan and Europe, but they can only be used in a small number of domestic gravure press. The development of domestic overprint system will be the key to the overall upgrading of domestic gravure press.
4. The proportion of wide width gravure press and paper gravure press will continue to increase. On the one hand, the decorative printing (mainly wood grain paper printing) and carton gravure printing market will grow rapidly, on the other hand, the range of soft packaging gravure printing machine will continue to increase, and the number of large scale gravure printing machine will increase rapidly. Paper and paper-based composite gravure printing machines (wood paper cigarette label, sterile packaging, gift wrapping paper, etc.) will grow rapidly.Promotional Logo Printed Waterproof Customized Printing Poker Cards Sets Plastic Playing Cards
5. The processing of gravure production line will be more diversified and the functional configuration will be stronger and stronger, such as polishing, die cutting, cross cutting, soft mark cutting, etc. Accordingly, gravure press management system and remote technical support system will be adopted more and more. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of personalization, all parts from unwinding, printing to wire processing, winding and so on will be modularized, the most important of which will be gravure printing trolley or gravure printing and flexographic printing interchange trolley.56cm High Antique Garden Gnomes Hanging Dwarf Doll Small Gnome Decor
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