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almost the same color but not in a cream from I really liked it like you could keep all these other oh that's a bunch of the argan oil no I think it was like a body cream in there and I can twirl what else oh that was a Weiland goes for Christmas yeah well I mean I don't immediately use she's got a I really like the smell of this as well it's just really clean mmm it's that almond you could eat that it tastes it smells I mean I would not advise no don't do that without advice when you open it up you're like oh my g Jeune Fleur
osh I'm hungry yeah so I haven't immediately run out to repurchases I may even think I actually have a backup on on this I do have quite a few scrub so I need to work through before I buy this so I don't know two and a half scissors I don't know if you liked it that much I mean it is and they are pretty good well I did wash it before I came here oh she's thoughtful I do try to be thoughtful so that I believe you can get treatment at Ulta Target CBS I can't even like Publix I can't remember where I got it I want to say I may have gotten it at Publix
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