Rainy summer flooded wood flooring

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Rainy summer flooded wood flooring

Postby hhm1020 » Fri May 18, 2018 9:19 am

<P>(1) the floor is blistered: wooden floor due to improper use, kitchen or toilet faucet or heating running water, so that the floor soaked in water for too long, the floor wet deformation occurs, causing the arch.</P>
<P>(2) too tight floor laying: wooden floor laying too stringent requirements of laying, tenon groove too tight. When the ambient humidity soars, the floor increases with the ambient humidity widening, due to assembly tight, the floor nowhere to extend, causing arching.</P>
<P>(3) no gap between the wall and the floor expansion joints or telescopic joints stay too small: when the humidity in the air, the wooden floor with the ambient humidity changes, no expansion joints or telescopic joints stay too small will cause the floor Expansion can not stretch, then it will cause the floor arch.</P>
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