Guild Wars 2: Mounts Guide in Path of Fire

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Guild Wars 2: Mounts Guide in Path of Fire

Postby Mad S » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:14 am

Raptor Mount
This is the only mount that you gain directly through the story in Guild Wars 2. Therefore, it is the easiest and most simple one to acquire. After beginning the Path of Fire expansion, you will be thrust into the first prologue mission: Sparking the Flame.

This mission will have you saving a village in the new area Crystal Desert from a herald of the god of war Balthazar. In the middle of doing so, you will be given the raptor mount as part of the objective you have to complete. The raptor has the biggest leap necessary for map traversal

Springer Mount
The Springer is required at a certain point to continue the Path of Fire storyline, but is acquired through optional expansion content. This bunny mount has several prerequisites before you can gain it.

First, you have to unlock third tier Mastery level for the raptor mount you already have called Canyon Jumping. This will allow you to access the High Jump Ranch region in the northwest desert highlands.

Complete the region's heart, after which you will need to talk to the Stablemaster Unja and purchase Springer from him for 50 trade contracts and one gold. The Springer bunny mount has the highest health and jump, but lacks evasiveness.
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