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Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday answered questions for the first time about her use of a private email system while serving as the nation's top diplomat nike hyperadapt 1.0 all white mens australia , a story that's disrupted the plans for the launch of her expected campaign for president in 2016.

Here are five things to know about what she said and how others reacted.



"I fully complied with every rule that I was governed by," Clinton told reporters after a speech to a United Nations conference on women's empowerment.

Government rules allow officials to use personal email accounts, but also mandate that all official documents be preserved. Clinton said her work-related emails went to other officials who were using government email addresses, and those would have been saved.

She said the computer hosting her email system was physically housed at the family's estate in Chappaqua nike hyperadapt 1.0 pure platinum australia , New York. The U.S. Secret Service protects that property, she said.

Finally, Clinton offered a practical reason for using one email account for her work and her personal correspondence: She did not want to carry a government and a personal smartphone to read two separate email accounts.



"Looking back, it would've been better for me to use two separate phones and two email accounts. I thought using one device would be simpler, and obviously, it hasn't worked out that way nike hyperadapt 1.0 team orange australia ," Clinton said.

Clinton has faced questions about her use of a private email account since last week, following reports she used a private email address and ran her own server. Aides initially argued the controversy would pass. It did not.

"I think it's only fair to say to Hillary Clinton: 'Tell us your side of the story,'" Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin said Tuesday on MSNBC. "What did you put on this personal email?"

Asked about the political impact, she said, "I trust the American people to make their decisions about political and public matters."



"No one wants their personal emails made public nike hyperadapt 1.0 olive flak australia , and I think most people understand that and respect that privacy," Clinton said.

Clinton said her private emails contained plans for her mother's funeral, her daughter's wedding and her yoga sessions — none relevant to her job as secretary of state. Also, she deleted them.

"In going through the emails, there were over 60,000 in total nike hyperadapt 1.0 silver metallic australia , sent and received," Clinton said. "About half were work-related and went to the State Department, and about half were personal that were not in any way related to my work. I had no reason to save them."



"I took the unprecedented step of asking that the State Department make all my work-related emails public for everyone to see," Clinton said, echoing a tweet she posted last week about the messages.

Clinton has turned over her work-related emails to the State Department, which said it will review and release the messages. The State Department said Tuesday they will be published online after that review process nike hyperadapt 1.0 tinker blue australia , which will take months.



In a statement, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said, "Because only Hillary Clinton controls her personal email account and admitted she deleted many of her emails, no one but Hillary Clinton knows if she handed over every relevant email."

But she will be asked about it again. South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy, the chairman of a House committee investigating the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya nike hyperadapt 2.0 mens australia , said Tuesday he will call Clinton to appear before his committee at least twice.

Gowdy said the committee wants to establish it has a complete record of Clinton's time at the State Department, and one appearance is needed to "clear up" Clinton's role in using personal email to conduct official business.

DUBLIN, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) -- The number of Irish people looking for help to manage debt continued to rise between April and June, according to new figures on Wednesday from the Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI).

According to ISI, there were 1,259 new applications for debt solutions during the second quarter nike hyperadapt 2.0 shoes australia , an increase of 71 percent on the same period last year.

The agency said the vast majority of the applications were for personal insolvency, which provided for the restructuring or settlement of secured debt.

Since its inception in 2013, there have been 9,361 applications submitted to the ISI. During the first year, just 112 applications were made.

The ISI is an Irish independent statutory body whose main functions are to monitor the operation of arrangements relating to personal bankruptcy.

China marks PLA's 90th anniversary with grand rally

Aerial view of Hohhot in China's Inner Mongolia

Tourists walk on glass bridge across Yellow River in Ningxia

People take measures to beat summer heat across China

Military parade held to mark PLA 90th birthday (Part I)

SWAT team members take part in drill

Acrobatic show staged in China's Xinjiang

Martial arts competition held in China's Henan

BERLIN, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- German retail sales increased in 2014 by 1.4 percent nike hyperadapt 1.0 habanero red australia , the strongest growth in tha past four years, official data showed on Friday, confirming that private consumption played a key role in supporting the recovery of Europe's biggest economy last year.

Sales in German retail sectors increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2014, and hit the highest level since 2010 when the sales grew by 1.5 percent, German federal statistical office Destatis said.

In December 2014, the retail sales rose by 0.2 percent in calender nike hyperadapt 1.0 black australia , seasonal and inflation adjusted terms, weaker than strong monthly growth in pre. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping Cheap New Nike NBA Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys China
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