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As a child our parents are God to us. We worship the ground they walk on; they gave us life and keep us alive. A father shows his son what it is to be a man Brandon Roy Jersey , a mother, to her daughter, a woman. And yet this same parent, the one we worship, can come to make us feel as though we are inadequate, stupid Bill Walton Jersey , weak and worthless. Significant others can do the same to some extent 锟?but our parents are different; their genes are a part of us, their behaviour toward us strikes at our very existence, our inner-self, our being and we cannot feel any way toward them without feeling the same about part of our self.Throughout recent history, there have been changes in thinking about the influence of parents on their children. Parents have gone from being fully responsible or having no responsibility at all to a middle ground, where other things Anfernee Simons Jersey , such as peers, school, society, and media play a major part. And they do, but nothing influences us like our parents; their genes are our genes and from the day we are born we are shaped by their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours Al-Farouq Aminu Jersey , we are moulded by their hopes and fears and many people, well into their middle age, are still trying to please their parents and gain their love.In her excellent self-help book about depression, Alexandra Massey estimates that around 80% of people that she has spoken to about depression are entangled with their parents and stuck. And research has shown an improvement in the phobic behaviour of adolescents when relationships with their parents improved.Human infants are the most helpless of all the mammals when newborn; immediately after being born we cry in order to be comforted and we come equipped with a number of instinctual behaviours to form strong attachments to those who can protect and nurture us. As we grow this attachment grows to ensure our safety.As such, the power of our parents is unquestionable. They are big and strong, we are small and weak. They can do things we can锟絫: drive a car Cheap Portland Trail Blazers Jerseys , mow the lawn, drink beer and change a light bulb 锟?and they teach us how to do things; things that empower us, like how to ride a bicycle and how to swim and the meaning of things. Their knowledge and power shapes our sense of competence, what we can and cannot do, and our confidence. They feed, clothe us and keep us warm. They can do things we can锟絫 and know things that we don锟絫; they must be right and we must be wrong.They make us feel good and make us feel bad; almost all of the rewards and punishments that a child receives are mediated by the parents. They hurt us and they help us get better. To top it off http://www.officialblazersproshop.com/kids-zach-collins-blazers-jersey/ , we cannot avoid them. Even as a small child, certainly as a teenager, if someone was nasty to us or treated us badly we would soon learn to avoid them 锟?but we can锟絫 do this with parents.Every child faces this situation, totally dependent on their parents who are so powerful and sometimes so rewarding, trying to deal with mixed up feelings about their parents and themselves. What we do next is something that strengthens the parent-child bond (for good or bad) 锟?we start to identify with our parents, an identification which http://www.officialblazersproshop.com/kids-wade-baldwin-blazers-jersey/ , positive or negative, can affect us for the rest of our lives.Please note that the purpose of this article is not to blame, judge or denigrate our parents. Not to justify anger, resentment or hate, for in doing this 锟?something that plays a large part in most people's emotional problems 锟?we only hurt and damage ourselves. The purpose of this article is to understand what happens and why: the power that parents have and how, for many people http://www.officialblazersproshop.com/kids-terry-porter-blazers-jersey/ , this power determines how they come to feel about themselves, their confidence and for many, their whole emotional life. And once we begin to understand how we learn to feel about ourselves and its connection with emotional problems, anxiety disorders and depression, there are things we can do to cure these problems completely. "
The Philadelphia 76ers and center Joel Embiid have agreed in principle on a 5-year, $148M extension on his rookie contract.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal wasn't official yet.

Giving Embiid this contract given his injury history shows two things: 1) how much the Sixers believe Embiid is a game-changing talent 2) Philadelphia’s belief that Embiid can remain healthy.

Philadelphia is also managing salary-cap space and believe it can offer max deals to key players when it's time for a new contract.

The investment does not come without risk for the Sixers. Since they drafted him with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2014 draft http://www.officialblazersproshop.com/kids-shabazz-napier-blazers-jersey/ , Embiid has played in just 31 games over three seasons. He missed all of the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons after undergoing two surgeries on his right foot to repair a broken navicular bone.

In 31 games last season, Embiid showed what he can do. He averaged 20.2 points, 7.8, 2.5 blocks and 2.1 assists in just 25.4 minutes per game. He also shot 46.6% from the field, including 36.7% on three-pointers.

With his offensive and defensive ability, he can be a franchise player – if healthy. Embiid did not play after the 2017 All-Star because of an injured left knee.

The Sixers know how important Embiid is to their future.

“He is a difference-maker http://www.officialblazersproshop.com/kids-seth-curry-blazers-jersey/ ,” Sixers coach and former San Antonio Spurs assistant Brett Brown told reporters Monday evening. “I’ve been lucky in my Spurs life to have anointed others in that sort of category. You don’t give up that tag freely. He has a chance to be great. There’s still lots of work to be done. When you look at his body of work, he’s really only been playing basketball for six years, and he’s 23. He’s just scratching the surface.

“He does things on the court that remind me of somebody who is able to hear music and just play the song. … He’s very unique.”

Embiid, who hasn't played in a game since Jan. 27, was recently cleared for drills after undergoing surgery in March for a meniscus tear in his left knee.
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