The 28-year-old woman initially told

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The 28-year-old woman initially told

Postby elaine95 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:38 am

Nearly two months after the NFL surprisingly passed a rule that Robert Thomas Jersey , as written, broadly prohibits players from lowering their helmets to initiate contact, the eventual impact of the rule on the game remains to be seen. In part because the precise contours of the rule remain undefined.

Bit by bit, more information regarding the new rule is emerging. On Friday, NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent answered questions on Twitter regarding the new helmet rule, and his first few answers confirmed that the new rule will have two clear tiers of enforcement: a 15-yard penalty and an ejection.

According to Vincent, a player “may be ejected” if he “lowers his head to establish a linear body posture prior to making contact with the head, has an unobstructed path to his opponent, and could have avoided contact.” The video attached to the tweet contains two examples of players making ejection-worthy hits: the 2017 helmet impact by Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan on Packers receiver Davante Adams and a helmet-first hit from a 2015 Monday night game by Falcons safety William Moore on Eagles receiver Jordan Matthews.

Vincent explained that the league looked at more than 40 Jordan Phillips Jersey ,000 plays from the 2017 season, and that only three ejections were identified.

Separately, Vincent confirmed that, under the new helmet rule, a foul occurs “if a player lowers his head to initiate and make contact with his helmet against an opponent.” Vincent demonstrates the point with video of a 2017 hit聽from Chiefs safety Ron Parker on Patriots receiver Danny Amendola.

It’s far closer to a bang-bang play, but Parker definitely had a chance to not plow helmet first into Amendola. And even if that play triggers a foul but not an ejection, it’s situation in which 15 yards will adjust based on a maneuver that, as of last year, was legal.

Which means that Donald Penn Jersey , as of 2018, the new helmet rule creates two levels of infraction. For something closer to bang-bang, a foul will be called, akin to the penalty for hitting a defenseless receiver in the head/neck area. For something that entails more time for the player to line up and attack with his helmet, it will be both a penalty and an ejection.

It won’t be a penalty, as Vincent has confirmed, if the player lowers his helmet not to initiate impact but to brace for it. That could make the rule even harder to officiate, with players colliding their helmets and a real-time decision being made regarding whether one was initiating it and whether the other was bracing for it.

Which brings into question, once again Linval Joseph Jersey , the question of whether the new helmet rule will change the between-the-tackles running game, where plenty of players routinely dip their helmets as they try to create holes, collapse blocking plans, gain yardage, and make tackles. The league has still yet to explain that specific wrinkle.

So, basically, there’s still a long way to go before this new rule and its implications can be fully and properly understood. The sooner everyone knows precisely what is and isn’t allowed, the better.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges stemming from allegations that he attacked his then-girlfriend in their home in February.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for May 17, at which point Foster's former girlfriend E. J. Manuel Jersey , Elissa Ennis, may testify under oath.

Ennis has recanted the allegations that led to the domestic violence case. Foster has been charged with domestic violence with an allegation that he inflicted great bodily injury, forcefully attempting to prevent a victim from reporting a crime, and possession of an assault weapon.

The 28-year-old woman initially told police that Foster dragged her by her hair, physically threw her out of their house, and punched her in the head eight to 10 times. She later issued a statement through her attorney saying her injuries were the result of a fight with another woman.

Prosecutor Jim Dermertzis has said the district attorney's office will continue to prosecute the case against Foster even if Ennis does not cooperate with the investigation.

If convicted of all charges, Foster could face up to 11 years in prison. Foster remains a member of the 49ers although the team hasn't allowed him to participate in the offseason program while his case is ongoing.

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