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Soccer drills can be the key to success in playing the beautiful game. The worlds best players spend many hours each and every week performing the same basic soccer drills that are taught to children who have just taken up the sport.

Great moves and goals are not born on the field they are created from Soccer training drills that enhance skills and performance. We have taken some soccer coaching drill ideas and listed them below for you to consider if you or your child wants to play for L.A. Galaxy and become the next David Beckham.

This particular soccer drill requires at least three players; the aim of this exercise is to improve passing skills. If there are Mikko Rantanen Jersey Sale , 4 players divide into 2 sets of 2 then stand facing each other about 15 feet apart. To get started, the first player from set 1 passes the ball to the first player in set 2, that player then immediately runs and stands behind his teammate.
The group 2 receiving player kicks it back to the number 2 player of the first group, then runs behind his number 2 player and so on. This is one of the best soccer training drills for one touch passing and ball control practice. As you improve, you should strive to speed up the passing, getting faster and faster Gabriel Landeskog Jersey Sale , without loosing any ball control, this also means it gradually becomes more demanding.

Another great ball control soccer drill is learning to juggle the ball, it is not very practical for real game use but it greatly enhances ball control. This is a fun and helpful soccer drill. One of the great things about juggling is that you can use any part of the body excluding your hands of course. It can also enhance your ability to stop and trap balls buy making you accustomed to moving the ball with for example your shoulder or upper body. A few minutes practice a day will produce ball control confidence and also provides the opportunity to use the non preferred kicking foot.

The last tip is the one on one dribbling soccer coaching drill, this prepares a player for passing effectively too and from a teammate. It is best performed with someone who does not play in a complimentary position, so a defender should practice with an offensive player.

One player attacks the other defends and they then swap places and repeat, keeping score adds to the fun Nathan MacKinnon Jersey Sale , every successful forward play of defense scores a point. Very simple but effective soccer training drills are an essential part of playing soccer; no great player learned his skills on the field, all learned through repetitive soccer drills.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- An Indonesian airliner carrying 54 people went missing Sunday after losing contact with ground control during a short flight in bad weather in the country's mountainous easternmost province of Papua, officials said.

Local villagers told authorities that they saw a plane crash into a mountain, and scores of rescuers were heading to the remote area and will begin searching there at daybreak Monday. An air search for the missing plane was suspended and will resume Monday as well.

The Trigana Air Service plane was flying from Papua's provincial capital, Jayapura Mikko Rantanen Avalanche Jersey , to the Papua city of Oksibil when it lost contact with Oksibil's airport, said Transportation Ministry spokesman Julius Barata. There was no indication that the pilot had made a distress call, he said.

The ATR42-300 twin turboprop plane was carrying 49 passengers and five crew members on the scheduled 42-minute journey, Barata said. Five children, including three infants, were among the passengers.

The weather was poor near Oksibil Gabriel Landeskog Avalanche Jersey , with heavy rain, strong winds and fog, when the plane lost contact with the airport minutes before it was scheduled to land, said Susanto, the head of Papua's search and rescue agency.

Residents of Okbape village in Papua's Bintang district told local police that they saw a plane flying low before crashing into a mountain, said Susanto Nathan MacKinnon Avalanche Jersey , who like many Indonesians goes by one name. He said about 150 rescuers were heading to the area, which is known for its dense forest and steep cliffs, and would begin searching for the plane early Monday.

Okbape is about 24 kilometers (15 miles) west of Oksibil.

A plane was sent Sunday to look for the missing airliner, but the air search was suspended due to darkness and limited visibility and will resume Monday morning, Susanto said.

Much of Papua is covered with impenetrable jungles and mountains. Some planes that have crashed there in the past have never been found.

Dudi Sudibyo, an aviation analyst Mikko Rantanen Womens Jersey , said that Papua is a particularly dangerous place to fly because of its mountainous terrain and rapidly changing weather patterns. "I can say that a pilot who is capable of flying there will be able to fly an aircraft in any part of the world," he said.

Indonesia has had its share of airline woes in recent years. The sprawling archipelago nation of 250 million people and some 17,000 islands is one of Asia's most rapidly expanding airline markets, but is struggling to provide enough qualified pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers and updated airport technology to ensure safety.

From 2007 to 2009 Gabriel Landeskog Womens Jersey , the European Union barred Indonesian airlines from flying to Europe because of safety concerns.

Last December, all 162 people aboard an AirAsia jet were killed when the plane plummeted into the Java Sea as it ran into stormy weather on its way from Surabaya, Indonesia's second-largest city, to Singapore.

That disaster was one of five suffered by Asian carriers in a 12-month span, including Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which went missing in March 2014 with 239 people aboard during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

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