Stainless steel magnetic pump

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Stainless steel magnetic pump

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Stainless steel magnetic drive pump (referred to as stainless steel magnetic pump), usually composed of electric motor, magnetic coupling and corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump. CQB stainless steel magnetic pump is a new type of completely leak-free and corrosion-resistant pump developed by the national joint design team of magnetic pump. Its technical and economic indicators are equivalent to those of similar foreign products in the late 1980s.Food Grade High Shear Emulsion Pump
The main feature of the stainless steel magnetic pump is the use of a magnetic coupling to transmit power. There is no leakage at all. When the motor drives the outer magnetic steel of the magnetic coupling to rotate, the magnetic flux passes through the gap and the isolation sleeve, acting on the inner magnetic steel to make the pump rotor and the motor. Synchronous rotation, transmitting torque without mechanical contact. At the power input of the pump shaft, since the liquid is enclosed in a stationary isolator, there is no dynamic seal and there is no leakage at all.Bls Stainless Steel Oil Pump Steel Gearing Oil Gear Pump
CQB stainless steel magnetic pump is suitable for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting, electroplating, environmental protection, food, film and television printing, water treatment, national defense and other industries. It is flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, rare and valuable liquid and various corrosive. Ideal for liquids.Abrasion Resistant Heavy Duty Gravel
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