High viscosity roots pump

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High viscosity roots pump

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LC high-viscosity Roots pump is based on LC Roots pump, which is modified from conveying asphalt and condensate oil. Insulation layer is added on the outer surface or end cover of pump shell, and the working room of pump is insulated by steam or heat conducting oil circulation, thus providing convenient and good conditions for continuous and intermittent work of pump.Gardon Electric Brass Impeller Peripheral Water Pump With Spare Parts
LC Roots pump is divided into belt drive and gear reducer drive. This pump has the following characteristics: low speed, high efficiency, small volume, large flow rate, low power consumption, strong self-priming ability, no need for oil diversion and easy operation. It can be widely used to transport petroleum and petroleum products (gasoline can be replaced by copper pump blades) and various oils and liquids in factories. Body, such as crude oil, paint, lubricating oil, glass gum, grease acid, toothpaste and light alkaline (soap processing) liquids, etc. Food processing can transport various liquids, such as soymilk, yeast, sugar, etc. Loading and unloading various tankers and tankers is fast, efficient, easy to use, and can work in positive and negative directions.Household 220V 110V AC Electric Fuel Transfer Diesel Pump
LC Roots pump is composed of pump body, pump cover, shaft, gear, rotor, packing, pressure cover and other components. The pump has two forms of belt drive and gear reducer drive, which can reverse effect. Skeleton oil-resistant seal is installed at both ends of the shaft, and oil return device is installed in the middle to prevent air intake or oil leakage.Institutions For Academic Research UHV Chamber
LC Roots pump is made of cast iron and stainless steel. The working principle of Roots pump is that two "8" shaped rotors are installed vertically on a pair of parallel axles in the pump chamber, and a pair of gears with transmission ratio of 1 drives each other to rotate synchronously. There is a certain gap between the rotor and the inner wall of the pump housing, which can realize high speed operation.
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