TankSpot’s Guide to Archaeology

TankSpot uploaded a very nice video guide today talking about Archaeology.

Good note from video: 359 Epics require minimum 450 skill to Discover

Commence the Surveying

Well it’s time to commence the Surveying y’all! Cataclysm is here…

What is in store for us with Archaeology? A lot of grinding, well that’s with anything new in WoW. Right now we have confirmed pets, mounts and equipable items that we know are available and will become a big part of end-game Archaeology skill.

As our webadmins reach further into the profession, expect many updates with all the exciting and neat things that comes along with being an Illustrious Archaeologist! Also the website here will be receiving some design updates soon(tm).

My own personal toon reached level 85 today so next on the agenda is to top off my two main professions while also going out and surveying to max out Archaeology! As a completionist type of person, it will be done!

Preview of high-end

Vial of the Sands: Alchemy recipe, learned via Archaeology
Crawling Claw
: Pet
Scepter of Azj’Aqir: Mount
Staff of Ammunae: Weapon
Pendant of the Scarab Storm: It’s a ferocious storm of peaceful scarabs!
Ring of the Boy Emperor: Ring
Scimitar of the Sirocco: Weapon

Interest in Contributing to WoW Dig Site

We’re looking for some players that would like to join the Dig Site team in filling the website with content and all around WoW Archaeology information. If you enjoy making videos, guides, or doing Wiki-like articles and want to apply that to the new secondary profession Archaeology then send us an email.

If you are interested in contributing to this website then please contact
contribute[AT]wowdigsite.com – Having a VoIP program such as Ventrilo or Skype is a plus.
Please include links to any previous works you’ve accomplished and what you would bring to the team for WoW Dig Site.

Any questions then feel free to email or contact me via US realm Garona, character: Uriahworld.

Update: Having access to (beta) Cataclysm is not required. Information is out there and it will only increase as we draw closer to December 7th.

Wowhead Archaeology Skill Page Introduced

Wowhead has just added a “Skills” directory page for Archaeology!


wowheadWe’re constantly at work to bring you new and better Cataclysm-related tools, and today we’ve released one we think will be pretty helpful – a new Archaeology skill page! On the page, you’ll see a list of each item you can piece together along with spell to create it, which contains the lore behind each item. Included in the page are how many fragments each artifact requires and what kind of keystones you can use to make it.

New (Official) Cataclysm Section for Archaeology

There is now a Section for Archaeology on the official Cataclysm website. Check out the link below for more info!

Hunting the unknown, discovering the lost, knowing the forgotten… Archaeology  is a new secondary profession introduced in Cataclysm that can be trained along with Cooking, First Aid, and Fishing. Learn more about the brand new Archaeology secondary profession on our official Cataclysm site!


Fossilized Hatchling

Finished up the research project below for the rare pet.


Archaeology: Fossilized Hatchling
3 sec cast
When you finished assembling this tiny skeleton through some eldritch magic, the little critter sprang back to life. He’s a pretty good pet. Since he’s a skeleton he doesn’t eat much.

Fossilized Hatchling Link