Excavatinator Addon

Noticed that the top two Archaeology addons have not been updated in a while?

Edit: Archy and Archaeology helper are still working fine, sorry for any confusion there.
Second Edit: Archy has (finally) officially updated to 1.8 (for patch 4.1) Download here

Well here’s an alternative for Artifact ‘check-listing’ below.

Excavatinator is a checklist for archaeology. It will list all currently known archaeology projects, and whether you’ve completed each project.

To use:
Type /arch to open the race list. This list shows each race with a project count, your progress on the current artifact, and how many keystones you have. Click a race to open the artifact list.

The artifact list lists all artifacts you can find for that race, and which ones of those you have completed. You can mouse over an artifact to view the item’s tooltip, and click one to insert a link into chat. Note that if the server has not seen the item yet, the tooltip will not be available, the item can’t be linked, and the English name will be displayed instead of the local name.

You can also keybind the Excavatinator window, as well as the Survey skill, under the key bindings menu.

Known Bugs: May 8, 2011 There’s an issue with the Crawling Claw (when its completed), however the artifact count will still be accurate though.


Download @ Curse

Updated Checklist for 4.1.0

The Artifact Checklist is now updated for 4.1.0, download links posted below:

Download PDF PDF …||   Download Excel Excel …||   Download ZIP with both files Zip

The above is currently Update-to-date for: Patch 4.1.0

May 2nd Hotfix (Minor)

If you noticed, while enjoying Patch 4.1, that the new Artifacts were not giving skill-ups, well Blizz hot-fixed that issue in last night’s round of patching. Most people going for the rares probably did not notice this since you guys are most likely maxed already.

Archaeology  (Source)

  • The new rare Archaeology items should now correctly grant skill-ups when crafted.

Patch 4.1 Official Notes

Blizzard posted a recap of the Patch 4.1 which you should expect this week. (Full Notes)

Archaeology (Source)

  • Seven new rare items have been added.
  • Players now have a much smaller chance of getting a dig site for a race for which they have completed all rare finds.

Below are six of those items mentioned above:

Artifact Project Type Branch Fragments
Extinct Turtle Shell Extinct Turtle Shell Shield Fossil 150
Pterrordax Hatchling Pterrordax Hatchling Companion Pet Fossil 120
Voodoo Figurine Voodoo Figurine Companion Pet Troll 100
Vrykul Drinking Horn Vrykyl Drinking Horn Vanity Vrykul 100
Ancient Amber Ancient Amber Vanity Fossil 100
Haunted War Drum Haunted War Drum Vanity Troll 100

Artifact Checklist now available

Are you a checklist kind of player/person and want to extend the ability to your Archaeology profession? Well then here you go!

Below are Excel Excel and PDF PDF formats available of a checklist with every Artifact and it’s details.

Need a PDF Viewer or Excel program? We recommend (free): OpenOffice Calc / Adobe Reader X

Thanks to Lissaris of Kargath-US for this checklist!

Download PDF PDF || Download Excel Excel || Download ZIP with both files Zip

The above is currently Update-to-date for: Patch 4.0.6

Archaeology by Greyfoo [Video]

A few people submitted this video to the website’s feedback form. Figured it was worth spotlighting, it’s about everyone’s favorite NPC, Harrison Jones. WoW Insider also featured this video.

When Cataclysm launched, I set myself a challenge to try and write a song about World of Warcraft’s new profession — Archaeology. It was during this process that Doctor Jones revealed he’s not quite the 2-dimensional, pop-culture cardboard cut-out everyone makes him out to be.

So… yet another Greyfoo movie with protagonists walking places, panning shots and girls staring wistfully into the camera, daring it not to fade them out (again). There’s my usual token wardrobe malfunction too (bonus points if you spot it!). Ah if I only I could just record what’s in my head straight onto YouTube, we’d all be better off. Actually, if I could do that, I’d probably just end up making endless movies about boobs, and nothing would actually get done.

Youtube Link Here