Patch 4.1 Preview

Below are the confirmed (PTR) items being added to Archaeology in Patch 4.1

Artifact Project Type Branch Fragments
Extinct Turtle Shell Extinct Turtle Shell Shield Fossil 150
Pterrordax Hatchling Pterrordax Hatchling Companion Pet Fossil 120
Voodoo Figurine Voodoo Figurine Companion Pet Troll 100
Vrykul Drinking Horn Vrykyl Drinking Horn Vanity Vrykul 100
Ancient Amber Ancient Amber Vanity Fossil 100
Haunted War Drum Haunted War Drum Vanity Troll 100

Voodoo Figurine

Pterrordax Hatchling











Zul’Gurub: Edge of Madness

Along with some new projects to research, Archaeologists will also be able to unlock one of four additional bosses (chosen randomly) for their group in Zul’Gurub. This is from the Edge of Madness event in the upcoming patch with Zul’Gurub reintroduced.


Ask the Devs Q&A March 15th

We have a small note from the Q&A posted yesterday about Archaeology. The questions ranged from PvP/PvE balance issues to death knight mastery runeforges to why moonkin don’t have Execute. The Dev team pointed out Vrykul & Fossils as two races that will get some updates soon(TM). There’s also plans to help you focus on farming a particular race at a given time.

Q: Are there any plans to bring new items to Archaeology with each future patch? (Source)
A: We may not make it every patch, but we designed Archaeology specifically with this kind of expandability in mind. Our most immediate plans are to add rare items to the Vrykul and especially Troll races, since they have so few, and add more to Fossils in general since you end up with so many Fossil sites. We also have some plans to make it slightly easier to focus on races upon which you want to focus.

To read the rest of the Q&A click here!

Rares Explained

Edit: Unfortunately this theory has been disproved. It might have been accurate initially, we never know what the Devs do behind those doors. 🙂

An article was brought to my attention (via the Contact form, thanks Yaushee). It’s from an Orc named Odok who explains how you can increase your chance of initially finding the rare artifacts.

Using the rules that govern if a player can be eligible for an artifact, you can give yourself a higher chance at say Zin’rokh.

There are only three main reasons a player can be ineligible for an artifact:
1). Their skill is too low
2). It’s a rare the player has already completed
3). It’s a repeat of a common artifact when the player has yet to complete all available common artifacts.
That third point is how you can effectively “cheat” the system.

Check out the rest of the article here.

Article by: Odok @ – Jan 5, 2011

ZG Boss Unlock (Edge of Madness) Patch 4.1

Not much news to report lately but we finally have something about patch 4.1.0 (currently on PTR).

Archaeology and Edge of Madness in Patch 4.1

I don’t have any specifics to share at the moment, save for one I think is cool. Those with the appropriate Archaeology skill will be able to unlock one of four additional bosses (chosen randomly) for their group in Zul’Gurub. These bosses were previously known as part of the Edge of Madness. The four bosses will share some loot, but also have some loot unique to each of them. (Source:Zarhym)


Who are these bosses? If you don’t remember then a quick look at Wowpedia reveals them as: Gri’lek, Renataki, Hazza’rah, and Wushoolay. Below are there level 60 version ZG mugshots:

Temporary Archy Fix/Patch Available

It seems that the addon Archy still has no new release to fix patch 4.0.6 issues. So I investigated.

There is no ‘proper release’ yet but there are beta updates/builds that will work until an actual release comes out! You can download or visit the page below. Here’s a note from the Author:

“I took some of my own fixes and some of the community fixes and put them all together into a bug fix patch of the most recent version of Archy to tide people over until a proper release can be done. There have been changes to some of the functions and other additions (like the new digsites). If you’re reporting bugs specific to this bugfix, be sure you’re reporting them in the right place.”

Download Download @ WoWInterface (382 Kb)
Updated: 02-15-2011 07:49 PM

Undocumented 4.0.6 Changes

Along with the official patch notes, there are some other (undocumented) changes with this patch!

-> Updates 2/10 –  Thanks to our wonderful commenters (and emails), here’s an update:

Tol’vir Sites added in 4.0.6 (Uldum)

  • River Delta Digsite
  • Cursed Landing Digsite
  • Keset Pass Digsite
  • Akhenet Fields Digsite
  • Obelisk of the Stars Digsite
  • Sahket Wastes Digsite
  • Schnottz’s Landing

Nerubian Sites added in 4.0.6 (Northrend)

  • Pit of Fiends Digsite (Icecrown)
  • Sands of Nasam (Borean Tundra)

Nerubian Sites added in 4.0.6 (Eastern Plaguelands)

  • Terrorweb Tunnel Digsit
  • Plaguewood Digsite

Dig Addon Archy is on the fritz right now, it is broken currently, watchout for an update soon by the author.

Dig You can now solve projects while mounted (mixed player reports).

Dig Nerubian Fragments are being found in Plaguewood, EPL.   Map: 13, 21 (Thanks Shasta!)

Dig Additional Tol’vir digsite has been added at Akhenet Fields in Uldum.

~ Dig Sites will be updated online (website) soon! ~

Example of new Dig Sites