Dwarfs have four rare vanity items.  Dig sites can be found in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. this is one of the four races you can Survey when first skill up Archaeology. (Surveying gives skill up until 100.)

Notably, many level 85 casters can benefit from Staff of Sorcerer.

Below are WoW Dig Site Articles, separate pages dedicated to each listed Artifact.
Artifact Notes Skill
Clockwork Gnome Pet 225+
Chalice of the Mountain Kings 150+
The Innkeeper’s Daughter Shares Hearth CD 150+
Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan Level 85 Staff 450+

Below are Dwarf Common items with Wowhead links.

Common Artifact Links:
Belt Buckle with Anvilmar Crest
Wooden Whistle
Bone Gaming Dice
Ceramic Funeral Urn
Worn Hunting Knife
Pewter Drinking Cup
Moltenfist’s Jeweled Goblet
Stone Gryphon
Silver Neck Torc
Ironstar’s Petrified Shield
Bodacious Door Knocker
Scorched Staff of Shadow Priest Anund
Dented Shield of Horuz Killcrow
Notched Sword of Tunadil the Redeemer
Winged Helm of the Corehammer
Mithril Chain of Angerforge
Boot Heel with Scrollwork
Golden Chamber Pot
Scepter of Charlga Razorflank
Scepter of Bronzebeard
Skull Staff of Shadowforge
Dwarven Baby Socks
Warmaul of Burningeye
Silver Kris of Korl
Spiked Gauntlets of Anvilrage
Word of Empress Zoe
Pipe of Franclorn Forgewright

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