Survey Notes

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  • When surveying around a cave or a place with different elevations, always assume the artifact will be on the outside of the cave or on the top most ‘layer’ of the area.
  • Survey (Dig) sites are phased and unique to only you, there is no competition for your artifact fragments.
  • The Survey Tool is not perfect and does not point a straight (direct) patch to the fragments, but rather the general direction. It becomes more detailed as you go from yellow to green.
  • There is no Surveying underwater, excluding shallow pools that you can stand up in.

Dig Site Bugs/Cannot Survey in Boundaries

Go clear a different dig site then return to the problematic one, it should reset  the survey and you’ll be able to find the remaining artifacts fragments.


A Keystone in archaeology is an item that is found randomly while surveying at dig-sites.
When placed in artifacts keystone slot, they are the equivalent of 12 archaeology fragments for that race.

Note: Some items allow multiple keystones at once.

Aside from Fossil, all races have Keystones:
Troll Tablet – Troll
Highborne Scroll – Night Elf
Dwarf Rune Stone – Dwarf
Orc Blood Text – Orc
Draenei Tome – Draenei
Nerubian Obelisk – Nerubian
Vrykul Rune Stick – Vrykul
Tol’vir Hieroglyphic – Tol’vir

Night Elf, Troll, Dwarf and Fossil can Surveyed after training Archaeology. Draenei and Orc require archaeology skill 300. Vrykul and Nerubian requires skill 375. Tol’vir requires skill 450.

Survey Lights/Colors

Rough Sketch up of Dig Site Locations:

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Original Dig Site Locations Courtesy of Mitarn’s Archaeology.