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4.3 PTR – Minimap Additions

A new Build (14890) is out on the PTR for Patch 4.3 tonight.

This change below might have been added earlier on the PTR but reguardless, the minimap now has:

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Patch 4.3 PTR Live

It’s Tuesday September 27th and we have a PTR Launched!

Right now, it appears that the PTR has nothing new for Archaeology (yet), but we’ll keep digging until we find something!

There are a list of new pets and mounts but none of them are Archaeology confirmed.

-> List from Wowhead News <-

Companions Mounts
Darkmoon Cub
Darkmoon Monkey
Darkmoon Turtle
Festival Lantern
Fetish Shaman’s Spear
Grell Moss
Lump of Coal
Lunar Lantern
Purple Puffer
Sand Scarab
Sea Pony
Darkmoon Balloon
Darkmoon Tonk
Darkmoon Zeppelin
Flimsy Darkmoon Balloon
Flimsy Green Balloon
Flimsy Yellow Balloon
Blazing Hippogryph
Corrupted Hippogryph

Darkmoon Dancing Bear

Ruthless Gladiator’s Twilight Drake

Space Charger

Spectral Gryphon

Spectral Wind Rider

Swift Forest Strider

Swift Lovebird

Swift Mountain Horse

Swift Shorestrider

Swift Springstrider

White Riding Camel

[DNT] Orange Red Drake Mount

[DNT] Purple Red Drake Mount

[DNT] Red Red Drake Mount
Mountain Horse

ZG Boss Unlock (Edge of Madness) Patch 4.1

Not much news to report lately but we finally have something about patch 4.1.0 (currently on PTR).

Archaeology and Edge of Madness in Patch 4.1

I don’t have any specifics to share at the moment, save for one I think is cool. Those with the appropriate Archaeology skill will be able to unlock one of four additional bosses (chosen randomly) for their group in Zul’Gurub. These bosses were previously known as part of the Edge of Madness. The four bosses will share some loot, but also have some loot unique to each of them. (Source:Zarhym)


Who are these bosses? If you don’t remember then a quick look at Wowpedia reveals them as: Gri’lek, Renataki, Hazza’rah, and Wushoolay. Below are there level 60 version ZG mugshots:


Patch 4.0.6 Changes Overview

Patch 4.0.6 should be live when realms come up (or restart) this Tuesday!

Update: Patch 4.0.6 Official Notes are live Source

What do you need to know about this patch relating to Archaeology?

  • You’re now only guaranteed a skillup until 50 (instead of 100) from gathering fragments when in the first stage of Archaeology. After 50 you’ll need to solve artifacts to skill up.
  • There is now a 200 (hard cap) limit on how many Fragments (per race) you can have at a time. So there is no reason to save fragments past the 200 limit unless you don’t need/want them anymore.
  • Common artifacts have had there sell values adjusted, some are worth much gold now, when sold.
  • Survey now has a 3 second cooldown (instead of 5 seconds). Tooltip Link

UI Previews Fragments/Projects

The User Interface is getting some love with updates to the journal summary page display along with a “Ready” Flash beside race icons for current projects.
However people using an addon (like Archy!) have this functionality and convenience but it’s nice to have a non-addon choice.

4.0.6 Professions (Source)

  • Archaeology fragments now have a hard cap of 200 per race. Players will not be able to collect additional fragments until they complete artifacts to take them down below 200 fragments. Players with more than 200 fragments will not lose additional fragments in 4.0.6, but in a future patch we may remove any fragments above 200.
  • Archaeology finds now grant a guaranteed skill point up to 50 skill, and then no longer grant skill gains, as opposed to granting up to 100 skill very slowly.
  • The sell value of all common artifacts has been doubled, while a small subset of common artifacts have had their sell value increased far beyond that.

4.0.6 User Interface

  • There are now number displays on the summary page and dropdown menu.
  • Ready Flash has been added to the race icons. 

Updated Interface in Patch 4.0.6


Small Hotfix – Wed 26th

Small hotfix today resolving some Artifacts and skillups.

Archaeology projects Twisted Ammonite Shells, Druid and Priest Statue Sets, Fierce Wolf Figurines, and Spidery Sundails now guarantee skill-ups all the way to 525.

Source Link


(Updated Feb 8th) PTR 4.0.6 Common Sell Values

MMO-Champion has dug up the new values for Common Artifacts (coming in the patch).

This relates to the changes mentioned earlier in PTR patch notes (see below).

The sell value of all common artifacts has been doubled, while a small subset of common artifacts have had their sell value increased far beyond that.


As mentioned on MMO, you’ll want to keep some of these items in your inventory for the huge increase in gold (sell) value with the coming patch. For these changes, you’ll have to wait for the patch (4.0.6).

Edit: Prices Update for Patch 4.0.6 Feb 8th

– > Click Here for a full listing of Price Changes

Dwarf Artifacts
Item Race Patch 4.0.6 Patch 4.0.3
Word of Empress Zoe Dwarf 375 10
Pipe of Franclorn Forgewright Dwarf 20 10
Silver Kris of Korl Dwarf 20 9
Warmaul of Burningeye Dwarf 20 9
Spiked Gauntlets of Anvilrage Dwarf 20 9
Scepter of Bronzebeard Dwarf 20 9
Dented Shield of Horuz Killcrow Dwarf 10 40
Scorched Staff of Shadow Priest Anund Dwarf 10 40
Scepter of Charlga Razorflank Dwarf 10 40
Mithril Chain of Angerforge Dwarf 10 41
Skull Staff of Shadowforge Dwarf 10 40
Notched Sword of Tunadil the Redeemer Dwarf 5 20
Bodacious Door Knocker Dwarf 5 20
Boot Heel with Scrollwork Dwarf 5 20
Golden Chamber Pot Dwarf 5 20
Winged Helm of Corehammer Dwarf 5 20
Ironstar’s Petrified Shield Dwarf 5 20
Worn Hunting Knife Dwarf 1 5
Wooden Whistle Dwarf 1 5
Bone Gaming Dice Dwarf 1 5
Belt Buckle with Anvilmar Crest Dwarf 1 5 50
Pewter Drinking Cup Dwarf 1 10
Ceramic Funeral Urn Dwarf 1 10
Stone Gryphon Dwarf 1 10
Silver Neck Torc Dwarf 1 11
Moltenfist’s Jeweled Goblet Dwarf 1 11
Dwarven Baby Socks Dwarf 1 5
Total 565 Average 20 90 / Artifact

Fossil Artifacts
Item Race Patch 4.0.6 Patch 4.0.3
Imprint of a Kraken Tentacle Fossil 200 5
Proto-Drake Skeleton Fossil 20 5
Feathered Raptor Arm Fossil 10 40
Vicious Ancient Fish Fossil 10 40
Devilsaur Tooth Fossil 5 20
Insect in Amber Fossil 5 20
Ancient Shark Jaws Fossil 5 20
Black Trilobite Fossil 1 5
Beautiful Preserved Fern Fossil 1 5
Twisted Ammonite Shell Fossil 1 10
Shard of Petrified Wood Fossil 1 5
Strange Velvet Worm Fossil 1 10
Total 260 Average 21 66 / Artifact

Night Elf Artifacts
Item Race Patch 4.0.6 Patch 4.0.3
Silver Scroll Case Night Elf 200 90
Chest of Tiny Glass Animals Night Elf 100 40
Carcanet of the Hundred Magi Night Elf 20 90
Umbra Crescent Night Elf 20 90
String of Small Pink Pearls Night Elf 10 40
Scepter of Xavius Night Elf 10 40
Kaldorei Amphora Night Elf 5 20
Hairpin of Silver and Malachite Night Elf 5 22
Delicate Music Box Night Elf 5 20
Cracked Crystal Vial Night Elf 5 40
Cloak Clasp with Antlers Night Elf 3 10
Coin from Eldre’Thalas Night Elf 2 10
Shattered Glaive Night Elf 2 10
Green Dragon Ring Night Elf 2 10
Scandalous Silk Nightgown Night Elf 1g 5s
Highborne Pyxis Night Elf 1 5
Inlaid Ivory Comb Night Elf 1 5
Necklace with Elune Pendant Night Elf 1 5
Total 393 Average 21 83 / Artifact

Troll Artifacts
Item Race Patch 4.0.6 Patch 4.0.3
Tooth with Gold Filling Troll 50 40
Bracelet of Jade and Coins Troll 25 22
Drakkari Sacrificial Knife Troll 10 40
Jade Asp with Ruby Eyes Troll 5 10
Eerie Smolderthorn Idol Troll 5 10
Cinnabar Bijou Troll 5 10
Feathered Gold Earring Troll 5g 10s
Skull-Shaped Planter Troll 5 20
Gahz’rilla Figurine Troll 5 20
Atal’ai Scepter Troll 5 20
Zandalari Voodoo Doll Troll 1 5
Lizard Foot Charm Troll 1 5
Fetish of Hir’eek Troll 1 5 20
Fine Bloodscalp Dinnerware Troll 1 5
Total 124 Average 8 85 / Artifact

Draenei Artifacts
Item Race Patch 4.0.6 Patch 4.0.3
Anklet with Golden Bells Draenei 50 1
Fine Crystal Candelabra Draenei 50 1 20
Carved Harp of Exotic Wood Draenei 10 1
Strange Silver Paperweight Draenei 10 1 10
Scepter of the Nathrezim Draenei 10 1
Baroque Sword Scabbard Draenei 10 1
Dignified Portrait Draenei 10 1
Plated Elekk Goad Draenei 10 1
Total 160 Average 20 / Artifact

Orc Artifacts
Item Race Patch 4.0.6 Patch 4.0.3
Scepter of Nekros Skullcrusher Orc 80 1
Maul of Stone Guard Mur’og Orc 50 1
Tiny Bronze Scorpion Orc 25 1
Fierce Wolf Figurine Orc 10 1
Fiendish Whip Orc 10 1
Gray Candle Stub Orc 5 1
Tile of Glazed Clay Orc 5 1
Skull Drinking Cup Orc 5 1
Rusted Steak Knife Orc 1 1
Total 191 Average 21 22 / Artifact

Nerubian Artifacts
Item Race Patch 4.0.6 Patch 4.0.3
Scepter of Nezar’Azret Nerubian 50 5
Infested Ruby Ring Nerubian 20 5
Six-Clawed Cornice Nerubian 20 5
Viziers Scrawled Streamer Nerubian 10g 5g
Spidery Sundial Nerubian 10g 5g
Ewer of Jormungar Blood Nerubian 10g 5g
Gruesome Heart Box Nerubian 7g 3g 50s
Total 127 Average 18 14 / Artifact

Vrykul Artifacts
Item Race Patch 4.0.6 Patch 4.0.3
Intricate Treasure Chest Key Vrykul 50 5
Fanged Cloak Pin Vrykul 20 5
Scramseax Vrykul 10g 5g
Thorned Necklace Vrykul 10g 5g
Flint Striker Vrykul 5 5
Total 95 Average 19 / Artifact

Tol’vir Artifacts
Item Race Patch 4.0.6 Patch 4.0.3
Cat Statue with Emerald Eyes Tol’vir 100 90
Tiny Oasis Mosaic Tol’vir 15g 1g
Castle of Sand Tol’vir 10 90
Soapstone Scarab Necklace Tol’vir 10 90
Engraved Scimitar Hilt Tol’vir 10 1
Sketch of a Desert Palace Tol’vir 10 1
Mummified Organ (Canopic Jar) Tol’vir 2g 1g
Total 157 Average 22 43 / Artifact