Professor Titles

Collecting fragments leads to completing various amounts of Rare Artifacts once the random number generator smiles upon your Survey tool.  Why do you care?  Well, the rares grant achievements with rewards like different Professor titles based off how many rares total!

Once you complete your first Archaeology rare item you’ll receive the Assistant Professor title.  But you won’t stop there, next is a total of 10 rare Artifacts for the Associate Professor promotion (title)! Finally after finding almost every rare, the Professor title is yours for collecting 20 rares.

Note: You keep all 3 titles despite which achievement you’re working on (or if you completed all of them).

I Had It in My Hand
Find a rare artifact.

Assistant Professor <Name>

What was Briefly Yours is Now Mine
Find 10 rare artifacts.

Associate Professor <Name>

It Belongs in a Museum!
Find 20 rare artifacts.

Professor <Name>