So You Wanna Get Zin’Rokh?

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*Update: Vashj’ir was Removed in Dec 27th Hotfixes

So You Wanna Get Zin’Rokh?

If any of you are like me, the first thing you saw when you looked at archaeology was the monster 2-hander, Zin’Rokh, the Destroyer of Worlds.  Not only was it a throw back to Vanilla times, it was looking like a possible BiS item.  I vowed that I would devote all of my time after hitting level 85 to farming up this bad boy…now, many hours and several hundred turn-ins later, my dedication to that vow is beginning to waver.

So, you wanna get Zin’Rokh?  Be advised that this undertaking is not for the faint of heart.  It is rough and rocky traveling.  It is hours of farming that may net you nothing but a couple achievements and some flavor items.  That said, if you’re up for the challenge, this guide will help you along the way.

Setup Basecamp

The first thing you need to do is head to Eastern Kingdoms and set your hearth stone to Brill (if you’re a DK, disregard this and use Death Gate to get to the Ebon Hold and your hearthstone to get to a more central location, like Hammerfall or Revantusk)–this will allow you to quickly get to the zeppelin towers without the  hassle of navigating the Undercity.  Following this, start working your way around your dig sites.  I usually go from North to South.

It is imperative that you only solve Dwarf, Night Elf, and Fossil artifacts.  It is also best to use keystones only when you have the full amount of fragments necessary for the solve.  For instance, if an artifact is 35 fragments with one keystone slot, only solve the artifact, with the keystone, when you have 35 fragments.  This will ensure that you maximize your fragments in the event your next artifact does not allow keystones.  Once you have worked your way all the way to Stranglethorn Vale, you can either take the zeppelin or hearth back to Brill and start again–of course, if another site pops up in your vicinity, hit that.

It may seem like hearthing back to Brill is unnecessary since the zeppelin is right there, however, 3 minutes of waiting can add up to several hours over the course of leveling archaeology to 450, it also helps if your last dig site in southern EasternKingdoms is the fossil dig in Blasted Lands.

You will continue in this way until you hit 445 archaeology.  DO NOT SOLVE ANYTHING BEYOND THIS POINT as doing so will open up Twilight Highlands and Vashj’ir, which house mainly Night Elf dig sites.


The pattern becomes available at 450, therefore, at this point you have a decision to make: is it best to try my luck and use the fragments I have, or to keep farming them?  That much is up to you, but know that the next best option for Troll dig sites after 450 is Northrend–and there are only a handful there.

Personally, I started this method a little late, so I only had about 700 fragments saved up and obtained no sword.  At the end of the day, all you can do is save up as many fragments as possible and hope that the random number (RNG) gods are on your side when you start to solve Troll artifacts.  If they are then congratulations on your new weapon – if they’re not, well, let’s just say that the boat the rest of us are in is getting a bit crowded, but I’m sure we can find you a seat.

Thanks for reading, and good luck.  Feel free to comment below with your tales of frustration about Zin’Rokh–everyone needs to vent sometime.

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