Pandaren have two rare vanity items. Dig sites can be found in Pandaria.

Notably, many level 85 placers can benefit from the rares:

Below are WoW Dig Site Articles, separate pages dedicated to each listed Artifact.
Artifact Notes Skill
 Spear of Xuen Level 85+ Agility Polearm Weapon 525+
Umbrella of Chi-Ji Level 85+ Caster Offhand 525+


Below are Pandaren Common items with Wowhead links.

Common Artifact Links:
Carved Bronze Mirror
Empty Keg of Brewfather Xin Wo Yin
Gold-Inlaid Porcelain Funerary Figurine
Pandaren Game Board
Pandaren Tea Set
Pearl of Yu’lon
Standard of Niuzao
Twin Stein Set of Brewfather Quan Tou Kuo
Walking Cane of Brewfather Ren Yun

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