What is “The Hat & Two Tools” 10th Race? Placeholder?

Many players have posted on different forums and have even emailed WoW Dig Site inquiring about what the “hat and two tools” icon on the archaeology profession pane.

Well, there is no definitive answer to this from Blizzard Blue posters yet. The most popular theory is that this is just a simple placeholder icon (for next race or project type coming to Archaeology).  There’s nothing currently data-mined or displayed on the data-base websites such as Wowhead that links this icon to anything in-game right now. According to a WoW Insider post, this icon was used in Beta/Alpha before each race had an individual icon during development. (Which makes sense, in my humble opinion.)

It was either at Blizzcon 2010 or not long ago on the official forums that Ghostcrawler said that archaeology is intended to be easily expanded. WoW Insider’s the Queue commented on this topic yesterday but this still felt news worthy to post for the readers.

Do you have information related to what this icon is? Feel free to contact us or comment below!

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29 Responses to “What is “The Hat & Two Tools” 10th Race? Placeholder?”

  1. Magnus0204 says:

    ops, sorry I didin’t notice it.

  2. Magnus0204 says:

    Perhaps it will come to the new patch, it’s not even at the Archaeology achievement for all races

  3. Clear Sky says:

    It very much reminds me of Indiana Jones or Harrison Jones rather.
    The hat and the whip (or rope) indicate this very clearly.
    So why would we go so far as to assume some new obscure race is gonna be patched in. Let’s assume that there is going to be some sort of Daily or Quest System included into Archaeology. Sure there already are Dailies implemented (Dungeon Buffs), but they seem very artificially attached somehow. (this however is just a personal feeling about things).
    Not saying this is true or right or whatever, but it seems to me that the “placeholder icon” is very specific, too specific to be a true placeholder.
    Again, just an idea.

  4. zanz says:

    think about it, why would they bother with a placeholder? if they wanted to add a race to archaeology, they would just put one in. they didnt need to ‘reserve a spot’ when they created the skill book.
    Believe me or not but i know what this 10th symbol is, and it’s so awesome i want the secret to remain mine.

    just a tip though: there are certain places you can survey outside of the marked digsites on the map…

  5. Gene says:


  6. Septic says:

    Human imho.

  7. Hieroglyph says:

    First thing I thought of Was Reliquary and Explorers league ..

  8. Peter says:

    Could it be for learning a language?

  9. Klejs says:

    Humans must tag along aswell at any moment ya? 😀

  10. Boris says:

    John, just wondering, you got 10th icon from achi? Which one? 😀

  11. Oldefar says:

    i have read several threads where it says that this unlocks when you have found ALL of the RARE findings.

  12. random dude guy says:

    Goblin would be a neat idea seeing as they are an ancient race, same with tauren or gnomes even

    • Naveen says:

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  13. Random says:

    Probably the 10th race will be something in the firelands?

  14. Azgorath says:

    When I see it, it reminds me of Wc3 and the panda race.


    • Ilainia says:

      Exactly my thoughts Azgorath….Looks like a panda to me!!!!

      • Shailendra says:

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  15. Arthur says:

    Please… is it just me or it looks like a pandarian?

  16. Psycho says:

    I am able to use the BETA and there are 2 more icons, and the little dude, the placeholder, is still a little dude

    I think it comes with the tile or finding all the artifacts, keep digging

    Can anyone else tell if they are a professor? or has anyone found all artifacts

  17. Psycho says:

    CHECK THIS OUT, The achievement, The boy that would be king…just a theory

  18. Mel says:

    It’s Mantid.

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