Tiggindy – Q&A Session/Interview

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Morpsend from, here at WoW Dig Site, had a Q&A session with another well-known
forum poster Tiggindy. Just wanted to share this everyone, enjoy!
Thank you to Tiggindy for participating with this.

Some of the questions asked:

  • Who is Tiggindy? A bit of background
  • How did you approach archaeology?
  • You’ve spoken about how you’ve disliked archaeology, we’d like to know specifically what you’ve not liked.
  • I’ve read the battle.net forums and the mmo forums about archaeology as a guilty pleasure, I’ve had the impression that you’ve either been apart of these threads for own pleasure of arguing the detail with people, or you truly have hated archaeology to the point you’ve chosen to spend this much time to vent your feeling about archaeology, which is it?
  • You’ve spent a lot of time talking with other people in the forum community about archaeology, can you give us a general idea of how other people feel?

Read the Full Interview here on our Forums!


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