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Ghostcrawler’s Cataclysm Post Mortem

Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street posted this bit about Archaeology in The Cataclysm Post Mortem series. Check out the full blog post here! I have mixed feelings about Archaeology. I feel like it’s a good addition to professions and offers more, and more varied, gameplay than our existing professions. Still, it’s clear that some players wanted more. […]

Tiggindy – Q&A Session/Interview

View the full Interview on our Forums, here! Morpsend from, here at WoW Dig Site, had a Q&A session with another well-known forum poster Tiggindy. Just wanted to share this everyone, enjoy! Thank you to Tiggindy for participating with this. Some of the questions asked: Who is Tiggindy? A bit of background How did you […]

Coming Soon: Complete Guide to Archaeology

Coming Soon: The Complete Guide to Archaeology With Patch 4.3 bound to hit the PTR soon, many of us are expecting some love from developers for Archeology as this last giant ‘content patch’ for Cataclysm. We’ve already had (non-Archaeology) sneak-peaks at some new features in the patch, such as Void Storage. Hopefully will get some […]

Interview with Scut

Below is the long over-due interview with Scut , second to claim all 32 rares! Thanks to Morpsend for opting to conduct the interview & to Scut for taking the time to talk with us. Click here to Read this interview on our community forums Morpsend: Why did you get into archaeology? Scut: Originally, I […]

Boshi World First (32/Max Rares)

WoWDigSite has often been asked if there are any players with all the rares in the game, well we now have a report of someone with all of them as of May 23rd. If you have also reached 32, then send us a message and congrats! Note: More people have come forward about reaching the […]

Player Project: Time per Solve

Are you curious about how much time (on average) you spend surveying for a project? Well then you’re not alone! Below is a fellow archaeologist who is looking to answer that and they’re asking for your input/help! Edit – Updated instructions Morpsend (aka Morpsen) has started a project to gather info, from Archaeologists like you, […]

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