Coming Soon: Complete Guide to Archaeology

Coming Soon: The Complete Guide to Archaeology

With Patch 4.3 bound to hit the PTR soon, many of us are expecting some love from developers for Archeology as this last giant ‘content patch’ for Cataclysm. We’ve already had (non-Archaeology) sneak-peaks at some new features in the patch, such as Void Storage.
Hopefully will get some additions or general changes to bring some folks back to Archaeology, sustain its current following or even scoop up some virgin surveyors.

Either way, WoW Dig Site will be ready with an up-to-date ‘ultimate’ Guide for the profession.

Jinze from MMO-Champ has graciously allowed us to build upon the past wining-guide with the intent to update it into what we want as the Complete Guide to Archaeology.
Check out Jinze’s Thread: Archaeology – And all it’s dusty little secrets! here.

Join the discussion for this on our Forums (link) 

With that said above, we’re open to any ideas or general thoughts on such a Guide!
Feel free to post with some insights or comments as to

  • What should be in the guide that is not already generally covered?
  • What is missing from the Past Version?
  • Your own Tips & Tricks or Suggestions
  • Dig with Tunes playing? Watch a movie? Chat with Friends? Or bask in peace & quite
  • Anything you think relevant for the Guide!

Expect a draft posted on these forums soon.

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