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Player Project: Time per Solve

Are you curious about how much time (on average) you spend surveying for a project? Well then you’re not alone! Below is a fellow archaeologist who is looking to answer that and they’re asking for your input/help! Edit – Updated instructions Morpsend (aka Morpsen) has started a project to gather info, from Archaeologists like you, […]

Archaeology by Greyfoo [Video]

A few people submitted this video to the website’s feedback form. Figured it was worth spotlighting, it’s about everyone’s favorite NPC, Harrison Jones. WoW Insider also featured this video. When Cataclysm launched, I set myself a challenge to try and write a song about World of Warcraft’s new profession — Archaeology. It was during this […]

Added 4.1 Rares

I went ahead and added the six new rare artifacts coming in Patch 4.1 to the website today. Vrykul Drinking Horn Extinct Turtle Shell (85 Shield) Pterrordax Hatchling (Pet) Ancient Amber Voodoo Figurine (Pet) Haunted War Drum

Common Item Sell Values Update

Just a heads up, I’ve got around to updating some things on the website to reflect 4.0.6 changes. There is now a new page listing Common Artifact Sell Values I’m updating the Started Guide Tweaking the FAQs for 4.0.6 Spot any errors on the site? Feel free to point them out on the Contact form […]

DLC #270 – Funnies

Thought I’d share this: Dark Legacy Comics 270 Archaeology.

Archaeological RNG Gods

How many dedicated Archaeologists are out there night after night surveying their hearts out for that one rare project? Many have set there eyes on Zin’Rokh because of it’s nearly BiS placement. I think that you can compare the rare artifact grind to farming old ZG mounts grind or even MC grind for a legendary […]

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