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Player Project: Time per Solve

Are you curious about how much time (on average) you spend surveying for a project? Well then you’re not alone! Below is a fellow archaeologist who is looking to answer that and they’re asking for your input/help!

Edit – Updated instructions

Morpsend (aka Morpsen) has started a project to gather info, from Archaeologists like you, in order to find the average time it takes to solve an artifact. (Via MMO and Battlenet)

If we can get a group of people to time themselves solving projects we can average them out and give everyone a number to expect it will take per solve.


  • Open the stop watch at the bottom of you minimap and start it once you start to dig.
  • Dig until you have completed 10 artifacts.
  • If you are not using a flying mount then please specify your riding skill.
  • If you get a rare during those 10 solves please solve it, and start over.
  • Make sure to stop and start your stop watch any time you are not 100% devoted to archeology. Such as: if you get a tell and hold a conversation mid digging then stop the time.
    (Conversations while in flight to next dig sites are fine) – Also if you afk at any point, stop the time.
  • If you plan to use keystones during the process please add in your reply if you used them or not, and say how many stones you used.

We are looking to get usable avg time it takes to solve an artifact. Keystones will affect the numbers we get. It would be helpful if you do not use keystones.
The more people we get to participate the more accurate an avg number we will have.

We are discounting the time it takes to get a rare in the grand total due to the fact that it would skew the numbers if someone was solving a rare in the 10 solves. We are assuming the extra time to solve a rare is so very small when considering the total time as to discount it completely. Personally I’ve solved 2957 solves total, and only 30 rares. The extra time it took to make those rares wouldn’t come close to changing my average.

Example: I timed myself doing 100 solves which took 1182 minutes for an average time of 11.82 minutes per solve. I used zero keystones. I completed these 100 solves in Kalimdor in 4.0.6. I did not solve a rare during these 100 solves.

Thank you – Morpsend

If you are interested, more info can be found at the following Forum Posts:


Archaeology by Greyfoo [Video]

A few people submitted this video to the website’s feedback form. Figured it was worth spotlighting, it’s about everyone’s favorite NPC, Harrison Jones. WoW Insider also featured this video.

When Cataclysm launched, I set myself a challenge to try and write a song about World of Warcraft’s new profession — Archaeology. It was during this process that Doctor Jones revealed he’s not quite the 2-dimensional, pop-culture cardboard cut-out everyone makes him out to be.

So… yet another Greyfoo movie with protagonists walking places, panning shots and girls staring wistfully into the camera, daring it not to fade them out (again). There’s my usual token wardrobe malfunction too (bonus points if you spot it!). Ah if I only I could just record what’s in my head straight onto YouTube, we’d all be better off. Actually, if I could do that, I’d probably just end up making endless movies about boobs, and nothing would actually get done.

Youtube Link Here


Added 4.1 Rares

I went ahead and added the six new rare artifacts coming in Patch 4.1 to the website today.


Common Item Sell Values Update

Just a heads up, I’ve got around to updating some things on the website to reflect 4.0.6 changes.

Spot any errors on the site? Feel free to point them out on the Contact form please!


DLC #270 – Funnies

Thought I’d share this: Dark Legacy Comics 270 Archaeology.


Click for Full Image /


Archaeological RNG Gods

How many dedicated Archaeologists are out there night after night surveying their hearts out for that one rare project? Many have set there eyes on Zin’Rokh because of it’s nearly BiS placement.

I think that you can compare the rare artifact grind to farming old ZG mounts grind or even MC grind for a legendary (like Thunderfury). A big difference between though is that you are no longer held back by a raid lockout timer. Instead of killing a boss once and then having to wait a week/4days, Archaeology is setup so you can just keep surveying non-stop. So the time spent on surveying can greatly exceed the time it would take you to kill an older, farmable boss. With bosses you’re limited to however many kills in certain time peroid the raid system allows but dig sites are always active.Harrison Jones

As Wowhead put it, Archaeology was added as the ultimate “time-waster” of the expansion, offering no substantial monetary gain and no promised immediate reward, such as being able to cook a certain type of food at a certain skill level, or craft a certain item.

Time spent trying to obtain those certain rares does not phase some archaeologist. These players are caught in the grips of the most powerful entity in the World of Warcraft, the RNG boss. Never faced off with this boss you say? Sure you have! Whenever you do a /roll or /random that’s RNG incarnate.

What is RNG technically? Random number generators are algorithms used in computing when an outcome needs to be as random as possible. A computer can’t generate completely random numbers on its own, so it uses a complex algorithm designed to get as close to random as is practical. 1

Nerd Rage KittyMany have argued just how not random this system is, the community site forums are almost always amiss with posts QQing about it. What some do not realize is that getting those rare artifacts/projects is luck of the draw unfortunately. This is why some archaeologists have 2 rares at skill 525 and some have almost 8-10 rares completed by then. (It does help to aim for races with higher amounts of rares, simple logic.)

Just like those 0.01% drops in the game, certain archaeology items can be frustratingly difficult to obtain. It’s understandable that just like any other RNG based grind you need a bit of lady luck on your side. When it comes down to it, there is no fast-path to guarantee your artifact appears but that’s all just part of the game! At the end of the day, it’s still just a secondary profession in the World of Warcraft… or is it?