Archaeology by Greyfoo [Video]

A few people submitted this video to the website’s feedback form. Figured it was worth spotlighting, it’s about everyone’s favorite NPC, Harrison Jones. WoW Insider also featured this video.

When Cataclysm launched, I set myself a challenge to try and write a song about World of Warcraft’s new profession — Archaeology. It was during this process that Doctor Jones revealed he’s not quite the 2-dimensional, pop-culture cardboard cut-out everyone makes him out to be.

So… yet another Greyfoo movie with protagonists walking places, panning shots and girls staring wistfully into the camera, daring it not to fade them out (again). There’s my usual token wardrobe malfunction too (bonus points if you spot it!). Ah if I only I could just record what’s in my head straight onto YouTube, we’d all be better off. Actually, if I could do that, I’d probably just end up making endless movies about boobs, and nothing would actually get done.

Youtube Link Here

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One Response to “Archaeology by Greyfoo [Video]”

  1. Morpsend says:

    funny video, does a good job of making me depressed about my love of archaeology

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