Boshi World First (32/Max Rares)

WoWDigSite has often been asked if there are any players with all the rares in the game, well we now have a report of someone with all of them as of May 23rd.

If you have also reached 32, then send us a message and congrats!
Note: More people have come forward about reaching the 32 limit (via facebook)

Apparently is was a tight race between a few commenters/fellow archaeologists. However, Boshi (US Malorne) has claimed the last rare artifact needed for 32/32 today.

You can logon to Boshi’s Archaeology Addicts Anonymous (US forums) & chat about your own feats.

I took a screenshot when last rare popped, one during solve, one after, one with excavationator addon showing completion, one with calendar open showing the date, then I took 12 consecutive photos of my arch log book with inventory open (all non pet/mount items in bags), then I took one of each page of my companion and mount logs with inventory open. All of the last ones have my arch total solve macro in my chat box. – Boshi

View this gallery by clicking here.

We cannot display this galleryDo you know of other people who have reached the 32 rare mark? If so feel free to contact/correct us!

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