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Blizzcon 2013 Recap

Day Two is over, which concludes Blizzcon for this year with no new Archaeology info. Will we see new races to survey? Surely, just no details at this time. Courtesy of MMO-Champion — Blizzcon 2013 Recap: there is a lot more information in each post. Warlords of Draenor Official Website Heroes of the Storm Official […]

Blizzcon 2013 Day One Recap

Blizzcon is in full swing this weekend! Day One is over, but nothing new to report Archaeology wise. We still have more panels tomorrow including: World of Warcraft Raids, Gameplay, Questing, and More Blizzcon Day 1 Recap Courtesy of MMO-Champion Official Website Warlords of Draenor Official Website Heroes of the Storm Official Website Blizzcon 2013 […]

Notes from Blizzcon 2011

Looks like nothing new is coming in Patch 4.3 Below is what we know from Blizzcon 2011. From Class, Professions, and Items Q&A [bluepost]Q: Archaeology has been ignored other than a few added things. Are we going to see anything cooler, better vanity items–lower than max level heirlooms of more variety? A: Archaeology is eclectic […]

WoW Mists of Pandaria Expansion

Nothing yet on Archaeology but we now know the next WoW Expansion! Mists of Pandaria

Blizzcon 2011 in 24hours

In-case folks do not read other new sites, Blizzcon 2011 is this Friday (21st) and Saturday (22nd)! Expect full Coverage over any new details about Archaeology! Speculations have been running wild lately with ideas like archaeology will be expanding to include Pandaren artifacts in patch 4.3 or finally giving players an option to turn in […]

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