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Episode 2 of Podcast now live

It’s that time of the month, the second episode of the podcast is now live!

PodcastWhat is in the second official WoW Dig Site Podcast? (Episode 2)

  • Gold and Experience Gains from Surveying with Archaeology.
  • Museum that didn’t ship with Cata but what Blizzard wants to do (Ask-the-Devs-7-Professions)
  • Add more to the profession – daily quests?
  • Whats to come – Items, Consumables maybe?
  • Dungeon Buffs good or bad? & do you use your keystones?
  • Getting your Rares, the best paths (Morp talks about where to go)
  • Your Favorite Rares so far & What rares would we like to see

Feel free to subscribe or download the MP3 directly! It’s also posted on iTunes & YouTube!


TankSpot’s Guide to Archaeology

TankSpot uploaded a very nice video guide today talking about Archaeology.

Good note from video: 359 Epics require minimum 450 skill to Discover