Coming Soon: Complete Guide to Archaeology

Coming Soon: The Complete Guide to Archaeology

With Patch 4.3 bound to hit the PTR soon, many of us are expecting some love from developers for Archeology as this last giant ‘content patch’ for Cataclysm. We’ve already had (non-Archaeology) sneak-peaks at some new features in the patch, such as Void Storage.
Hopefully will get some additions or general changes to bring some folks back to Archaeology, sustain its current following or even scoop up some virgin surveyors.

Either way, WoW Dig Site will be ready with an up-to-date ‘ultimate’ Guide for the profession.

Jinze from MMO-Champ has graciously allowed us to build upon the past wining-guide with the intent to update it into what we want as the Complete Guide to Archaeology.
Check out Jinze’s Thread: Archaeology – And all it’s dusty little secrets! here.

Join the discussion for this on our Forums (link) 

With that said above, we’re open to any ideas or general thoughts on such a Guide!
Feel free to post with some insights or comments as to

  • What should be in the guide that is not already generally covered?
  • What is missing from the Past Version?
  • Your own Tips & Tricks or Suggestions
  • Dig with Tunes playing? Watch a movie? Chat with Friends? Or bask in peace & quite
  • Anything you think relevant for the Guide!

Expect a draft posted on these forums soon.

Interview with Scut

Below is the long over-due interview with Scut , second to claim all 32 rares!
Thanks to Morpsend for opting to conduct the interview & to Scut for taking the time to talk with us.

Click here to Read this interview on our community forums

Morpsend: Why did you get into archaeology?

Scut: Originally, I started just because I wasn’t into raiding as much as I was in the past, and I also wanted to get the Bug mount. I have wasted a lot of WoW-hours afking, searching for rare spawn mounts (TLPD, Phosphorescent, now the Camel), so grinding through arch to get a cool mount was worth it.

Morpsend: Did you use any mods or helpful macros?

Scut: I used ArchDB and Archy to track my progress, but other than those I had nothing. I bound my dig key to a mouse button and used click to move to make digging less painful.
Now the only macro I use makes me use most of my arch items at once while attention whoring in Orgrimmar.

Morpsend: Did you do anything to help you while digging, like watching tv, listening to music, or anything?

Scut: I definitely always had the TV on and iTunes open, but I also started trying to get better at chess while I was flying to a digsite. More often than not, I would have WoW in windowed mode while either playing chess or watching a movie.

Morpsend: Did you plan to go for all 32/32 from the start?

Scut: No. At the start I wanted just the Bug mount, but when that didnt come until my late teens (solves), I figured I should push for Professor (back in Feb.) Being a rogue, just about all of the rares are completely worthless to me, so I spent downtime enchanting them with awful enchants and linking them to friends (22 INT/ Spirit Reforge on Troll sword). It seems everyone has at least one rare that takes a ridiculous time to queue up, and luckily for me it was the Nelf rare trinket. With so many Nelf sites, I was able to find it faster (even if it was around 500 solves) than someone looking for a Troll rare.
After I got Professor I essentially stopped doing arch, and then later stopped playing WoW all together. When I later re-subbed I figured that since most of my friends either quit or transferred, that I might as well go for all 32.

Morpsend: What would you like to see in the future from archaeology?

> Continue reading this interview here on our forums <

Episode 2 of Podcast now live

It’s that time of the month, the second episode of the podcast is now live!

PodcastWhat is in the second official WoW Dig Site Podcast? (Episode 2)

  • Gold and Experience Gains from Surveying with Archaeology.
  • Museum that didn’t ship with Cata but what Blizzard wants to do (Ask-the-Devs-7-Professions)
  • Add more to the profession – daily quests?
  • Whats to come – Items, Consumables maybe?
  • Dungeon Buffs good or bad? & do you use your keystones?
  • Getting your Rares, the best paths (Morp talks about where to go)
  • Your Favorite Rares so far & What rares would we like to see

Feel free to subscribe or download the MP3 directly! It’s also posted on iTunes & YouTube!

Others Reaching 32 Rares

With Patch 4.2 out, most people have put up the shovel to go raid in Firelands but there are still many players dedicated to their surveying!  As of this post, there are now two others apart from Boshi who have come forward to claim the completion of all 32 Rares currently in-game.

  • Boshi [Malorne US] (May 23rd, 2011) – Total artifacts: 2075
  • Scut [Skullcrusher US] (June 29th, 2011) – Total artifacts: 1637 
  • Morpsen [Illidan US] (July 8th, 2011) – Total Solves: 3562

Come join us on our recently launched Forum and join the Archaeology Addicts Anonymous thread.

A big congratulations to are current three who have complete the Survey grind to obtain all 32 rares!

Scut’s Numbers // Vrykul: 7 (rare: 2 solved: 28)
Dwarf: 31 (rare: 4 solved: 255) // Draenei: 10 (rare: 2 solved: 13)
Fossil: 17 (rare: 5 solved: 371) // Night Elf: 25 (rare: 7 solved: 572)
Nerubian: 9 (rare: 2 solved: 24) // Orc: 10 (rare: 1 solved: 16)
Tol’vir: 13 (rare: 6 solved: 168) // Troll: 17 (rare: 3 solved: 190)

Scut: I got professor back in early February, and then stopped. My account died not too long after, as I got really bored. When I decided to re up in June I figured I might as well grind out archaeology in case there are new titles added. The guild Im in died, as most of the raiders went to a different server, and a lot of friends ended up quitting so I was left with a lot of free time to do arch. I started out only wanting the Tolvir mount, but when that took me into my late teens solve-wise, I decided to push for professor.


Morpsen & Boshi 32 Rare Collection

Forums Live & First Podcast is up

Greetings fellow Archaeologists! Today WoW Dig Site has a few new features to share.

First Podcast

PodcastFirst of all, we now have an official WoW Dig Site Podcast! (Episode 1)
This first podcast features Boshi who has claimed World First on 32 Rares and Morpsend also from the community, along with myself Uriah (the Website Admin). If you’d like to hear us talk with Boshi about his accomplishment or listen in on some Archaeology chatter in general, feel free to subscribe or download the MP3 directly! It’s also posted on YouTube (iTunes will be added soon.)

New Forums

Yes, we now have a forum section here on WoW Dig Site! Many folks have come forward and requested such a feature so that Archaeology discussions are no longer buried under all the other Profession posts on Forums such as MMO-Champ and
If you’re interested in a centralized new location for your Archaeology talk then please register/sign-up and we’ll be glad to have you join-in. We hope to have the forums grow and expand to suit the community at large.

So if you find yourself with some free time next week when waiting for Patch 4.2 to be added to the realms, come chat on the new forums or listen to the new podcast if interested!

Feel free to leave feedback on the new podcast on the forum, need ideas for future shows.

Edit: iTunes feed is now live for everyone

Excavatinator v1.5 [BETA] Update

For those of you who use Excavatinator, be sure to grab the update. And if you don’t use it, well you might be interested now with the extra features recently added (bel0w).

This is a BETA. It might reset your database. Sorry for any confusion.

Version 1.5 Additions:

  • Options frame added! The options button replaces the links button; the links button is now found in the options frame.
  • Items frame added! Click the items button (next to the travel button) to open. The items frame is a small frame with the on-use items you’ve completed from archaeology.
  • Minimap tracking added! When you find archaeology fragments, the spot will be marked on your minimap whenever you’re in the zone. Tracking and display can be turned on or off in the options frame.


  • Excavatinator will no longer try to open while in combat. If tried, this would cause errors, requiring a UI reload to resolve.

Download Excavatinator v1.5 RC1 via Curse
Version 3 of the Beta is out now